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All abstracts by Vernon R. Phoenix in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Opening the Black Box: Imaging Nanoparticle Transport Through Rock with MRI
Phoenix V, Lakshmanan S, Sloan W & Holmes W

(2012) Microbial Transport Through Rock and its Importance for Microbially-Induced Mineral Precipitation
Tobler D, Lakshmanan S & Phoenix V

(2012) Microbial Biomineralization as a Technique for Grouting Fine Aperture Rock Fractures
El Mountassir G, Tobler DJ, Lunn RJ, Moir H & Phoenix VR

(2012) Nanoparticle Remediation Through Porous Media
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2012) Understanding Biogeochemical Mechanisms for Heavy Metal Removal in SuDS
Norris M, Haynes H, Dorea C, Pulford I & Phoenix V

(2011) Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pollutant Mass Transport in Biofilms
Ramanan B, Holmes W, Sloan W & Phoenix V

(2011) Nanoparticle Bioremediation: Application of Solid Phase Capture
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2011) Imaging Nanoparticle Transport Through Porous Media Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Lakshmanan S, Holmes W, Sloan B & Phoenix V

(2011) Plugging of Porous Media and Rock Fractures Using Ureolysis-Driven Calcite Precipitation
Tobler D & Phoenix V

(2011) Enhancing Heavy Metal Immobilization in SuDS
Norris M, Phoenix V, Pulford I, Haynes H & Dorea C

(2010) The Potential of Groundwater Microbial Communities to Induce Calcite Precipitation
Tobler DJ & Phoenix VR

(2010) Imaging Nanoparticle Transport with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Lakshmanan S, Holmes W, Sloan B & Phoenix V

(2009) Imaging Biogeochemical Processes with MRI: Application of Paramagetic Tracers
Phoenix V, Ramanan B, Sloan W & Holmes W

(2005) Bacterial Surface Charge Heterogeneity: Implications for Cell-Metal/mineral Interaction
Phoenix V & Beveridge T

(2004) Lipopolysaccharide and Surface Proton Binding Characterization of Shewanella sp
Phoenix V, Korenevsky A, Berveridge T, Gorby Y & Ferris F

(2002) The in situ Molecular Characterisation of a Biomineralization Process: A Synchrotron Infrared Study
Benning LG, Yee N, Phoenix V & Konhauser K

(2000) Mechanisms of Rapid Silicate Biomineralisation in Hot Springs
Phoenix V, Konhauser K & Howe A

(2000) Photo-Chemical and Biologically Mediated Precipitation of Iron and Silica
Hamade T, Phoenix V & Konhauser K

(2000) The Role of Biomineralization as an Ultraviolet Shield
Konhauser K, Phoenix V & Adams D

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