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All abstracts by Jörg A. Pfänder in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Dating Deformation along Major Pamir Shear Zones with the Ar-Ar in situ Technique
Schneider S, Worthington J, Pfänder JA & Ratschbacher L

(2015) Continental Thickening vs. Flat Subduction – The Cause for Cretaceous Magmatism in the Pamir
Malz N, Pfänder JA, Ratschbacher L, Münker C, Mezger K, Jung S, Garbe-Schönberg D & Hauff F

(2015) Chronology of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Processes Related to Plagiogranite Formation in the Oman Ophiolite: Insights from High-Resolution 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Trace Element Geochemistry
Herrmann M, Pfänder J, Schulz B & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2013) What Causes the Rapid Change of Cenozoic Magma Sources in the Pamir?
Malz N, Ratschbacher L, Pfänder JA & Münker C

(2013) Monitoring the 40Ar/39Ar Irradiation Parameter ‘J’ Without Using Geological Age Standards
Rutte D, Unterricker S, Pfänder J & Jonckheere R

(2013) Correlated Chemical and Temporal Evolution of Cenozoic Magmatism in SE-Germany (Heldburg Region)
Pfänder J, Klügel A, Jung S & Rohrmüller J

(2011) Geochronological and Thermochronological Evolution of the Southern Gaoligongshan Metamorphic Belt, Yunnan (China)
Eroglu S, Siebel W, Danisik M, Pfänder J & Chen F

(2011) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Age of Greisen Mineralization in the Li-Rb-Cs-Sn-W Deposit Zinnwald, Erzgebirge, Germany
Seifert T, Atanasova P, Gutzmer J & Pfänder J

(2011) Dating Crocidolite Deposits Using the Argon-Argon-Method
Häring M, Pfänder J & Gutzmer J

(2011) Dating Granites from the Erzgebirge by Different Methods – A Comparison
Tichomirowa M & Pfänder J

(2008) Sources of Alkaline and Tholeiitic Volcanic Rocks from the CEVP (Vogelsberg, Germany) Inferred from Hf, Pb, and Os Isotopes
Jung S, Pfänder J, Brauns M & Maas R

(2008) Origin of Mafic Melts in the Pamir Mountains – Evidence from Trace-Element and Isotopic Data of Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks
Pfänder J & Ratschbacher L

(2008) Magma Generation in the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER) and Afar
Kersten F, Pfänder J & Gloaguen R

(2007) High-Field Strength Elements (Nb, Ta, Zr, Hf) in Continental Basalts from the CEVP – Implications for the HFSE Budget of the Lithospheric Mantle and the Global Nb Budget
Pfänder J, Jung S, Münker C & Mezger K

(2007) Geochemistry of Quaternary Lavas from the Main Ethiopian Rift-Constraints on Continental Breakup and Rifting
Kersten F, Pfänder J & Gloaguen R

(2002) MPI-Ding Reference Glasses for in situ Microanalytical Techniques: New Trace Element and Isotope Data
Stoll B, Jochum KP, Hofmann AW, Raczek I, Pfänder J & Meixner A

(2000) Trace Element and Nd Isotope Characteristics of the Bayankhongor Ophiolite, Central Mongolia: Heterogeneous Mantle or Single Contaminated Source?
Buchan C, Pfänder J, Brewer T, Cunningham D & Windley B

(2000) Tracing Ancient Mantle Sources: Origin of Gabbros and Peridotites from the ATC Ophiolite in Central Asia – Petrological, Trace Element and Isotopic Constraints
Pfänder J, Jochum KP, Todt W & Kröner A

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