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All abstracts by Joseph Petrus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Development of an Extended Matrix-Matched Calibration Protocol for Fast, High-Resolution, Quantitative Chemical Mapping of Major and Trace Elements of Polymineralic Samples by Laser-Ablation Coupled to Time-Of-Flight-Mass-Spectrometry (LA-Icp-TOF-MS)
Savard D, Dare SAS, Bédard LP, Barnes S-J & Petrus J

(2019) LA-ICPMS Image Mapping and its Applications to Geochronology
Chew D, Drost K & Petrus J

(2019) LA or ID? Exploring the Limits of in situ U-Pb Carbonate Geochronology Using Speleothems
Woodhead J & Petrus J

(2019) U-Pb, Trace Element, and Hafnium Isotope Composition of the Maniitsoq Zircon: A Potential New Archean Zircon Reference Material
Marsh J, Jørgensen T, Petrus J, Hamilton M & Mole D

(2017) LA-ICPMS U-Pb Carbonate Dating Based on Image Mapping
Drost K, Petrus J, Chew D & Woodhead J

(2017) Fast (>50 Hz) U-Pb LA-ICPMS Spot Dating of U-Bearing Minerals Using an Aerosol Rapid Introduction System
Chew D, Drost K & Petrus J

(2017) A New Approach to Laser Ablation ICP-MS Using the Flexible Map Interrogation Tool 'Monocle'
Petrus J, Chew D, Leybourne M & Kamber B

(2017) Dating Impact Events with Shocked Zircon: Insights from the Sudbury Impact Crater, Ontario, Canada
Kenny G, Whitehouse M, Petrus J, Morales L & Kamber B

(2017) Volatility-Related Element Loss during Large Impact Events: New Pb and Zn Insight from the Sudbury Basin
Kamber B, Guyett P, Schoenberg R, Kenny G, Petrus J & Ames D

(2017) Deciphering Element Paragenesis, Element Associations and Multi-Stage Mineralizing Processes in Orogenic Gold Deposits with LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Sulfides
Gourcerol B, Kontak D, Thurston P & Petrus J

(2015) On the Track of the Elusive Sudbury Impactor
Petrus J, Ames D & Kamber B

(2015) High-Resolution U-Pb LA-Q-ICPMS Age Mapping of Zircon
Chew D, Petrus J, Kamber B, Ubide T & McKenna C

(2013) A Novel 2D LA-ICP-MS Data Analysis and Visualization Solution
Petrus J & Kamber B

(2013) U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Dating of Common Pb-Bearing Accessory Minerals Using VizualAge/Iolite
Chew D, Petrus J & Kamber B

(2011) VisualAge: A Novel Approach to U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology
Petrus JA & Kamber BS

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