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All abstracts by Anne Peslier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Comparing Analysis of Hydrogen Concentration in Astromaterials Nominally Anhydrous Minerals by Multiple SIMS
Dudley J-M, Peslier A & Nagashima K

(2022) Location, Location: Deciphering the Significance of in situ Hydrogen Analyses of Martian Meteorite Phases
Peslier A, Dudley J-M & Hervig R

(2021) First in situ Nitrogen Isotope Measurements in Martian Meteorites
Deligny C, F├╝ri E, Deloule E & Peslier A

(2020) Depletion, Metasomatism and Water Distribution in the Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Bizimis M, Ashley A, Beunon H, Patterson S, Doucet L, Peslier A & Nadine M

(2020) Magmatic Degassing of Trace Elements in Martian Meteorites
Yang S, Humayun M, Irving T, Righter K, Peslier A, Zanda B & Hewins R

(2019) Martian Magma Evolution from Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions in Shergottites Using MELTS Models
Ferdous J, Brandon A & Peslier A

(2019) Distribution of Fe3+ and H in Minerals during Partial Melting and Metasomatism of Spinel Peridotite
Peslier A, Schaffer L, Brandon A, Kilgore M, Agresti D, Morris R, Graff T, Lamb W, Armytage R & Harvey J

(2019) Magmatic H2O Contents and D/H Ratios in Olivine, Pyroxene and Melt Inclusions from Martian Meteorite RBT 04262
Dudley J-M, Peslier A & Hervig R

(2017) Heterogeneous Water Distribution in the Mantle Lithosphere beneath Hawaii
Bizimis M, Peslier A & Clague D

(2017) Evaluating Crustal Contamination Effects on the Lithophile Trace Element Budget of Shergottites
Brandon A, Ferdous J & Peslier A

(2016) Why are Mantle Melting Residues Still Hydrous?
Schaffer L, Peslier A, Brandon A, Bizimis M & Matney M

(2016) Water of the Canadian Cordillera and Slave Craton Lithospheric Mantle
Gelber M, Peslier A, Brandon A & Kopylova M

(2016) Effect of Shock on H in Martian Meteorite Pyroxene via Analogue Impact Experiments
Peslier A, Cintala M, Cardenas F & Montes R

(2015) Water Distribution in the Continental and Oceanic Upper Mantle
Peslier A, Doucet L, Bizimis M, Hui H & Schaffer L

(2014) H Diffusion in Olivine and Pyroxene from Peridotite Xenoliths and a Hawaiian Magma Speedometer
Peslier A & Bizimis M

(2014) Recycling of Oceanic Lithosphere: Water, fO2 and Fe-Isotope Constraints
Bizimis M, Peslier A, McCammon C, Keshav S & Williams H

(2013) Water Content of the Oceanic Lithosphere at Hawaii from FTIR Analysis of Peridotite Xenoliths
Peslier A & Bizimis M

(2013) Constraining the History of the Mojavian Lithosphere with Sr, Nd, Hf, and Os Isotopes of Peridotite Xenoliths from Dish Hill, California
Armytage R, Brandon A, Peslier A & Lapen T

(2012) Metasomatic Control of Water in Garnet and Pyroxene from Kaapvaal Craton Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Woodland AB, Bell DR, Lazarov M & Lapen TJ

(2010) Controls of H Incorporation in Pyroxenes and Garnets from FTIR Data on Kaapvaal Craton Xenoliths
Peslier A, Woodland A & Lazarov M

(2008) Age and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of RBT04262 and Implications for the Sources of Enriched Shergottites
Lapen T, Brandon A, Beard B, Peslier A, Lee C-T & Dalton H

(2008) Petrology of New Martian Meteorite LAR06319, an Olivine-Pheric Basaltic Shergottite
Peslier A, Brandon A, Lapen T & Lee C-T

(2008) Trace Element Analysis and Petrology of Martian Meteorite RBT04262
Dalton H, Lee C-T, Peslier A & Brandon A

(2007) Low Water Contents in Minerals from Gakkel Ridge Abyssal Peridotites, Arctic Ocean
Peslier A, Snow J, Hellebrand E & Von Der Handt A

(2006) Estimating Alkali Basalt and Kimberlite Magma Ascent Rates Using H Diffusion Profiles in Xenolithic Mantle Olivine
Peslier A, Luhr J, Woodland A, Wolff J & Meen J

(2005) Water Contents in Anhydrous Minerals from the Upper-Mantle (Peridotites and Eclogites)
Peslier AH & Luhr JF

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation and the Oxygen Fugacity of the Mantle
Williams H, McCammon C, Peslier A, Halliday A, Teutsch N, Levasseur S & Burg J

(2002) Melt-Rock Reaction in Canadian Cordillera Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Brandon AD, Francis D & Ludden J

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