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All abstracts by Leopoldo D. Pena in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Role of Suspended Particulate Matter in Governing Dissolved Nd in the Southern East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume
Basak C, Wu Y, Haley BA, Muratli J, Pena LD, Bolge L, Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell RM & Goldstein SL

(2021) Tracking Last Deglacial Changes in Western Mediterranean Deep-Intermediate Ventilation
Inglavaga R, Cacho I, Català A, Frigola J, Perez-Asensio JN & Pena LD

(2020) Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes along the GEOTRACES Eastern Pacific Zonal Transect
Wu Y, Basak C, Muratli J, Goldstein S, Haley B, Pena L & Bolge L

(2020) Deep Oceanographic Changes in the South Tyrrhenian Sea during the Time of Last Mediterranean Sapropel Formation
Trias-Navarro S, Cacho I, Pena L, De La Fuente M, Català A, Paredes E, Garcia-Solsona E, Frigola J, Lirer F & Caruso A

(2020) Reconstruction of the North Atlantic End-Member of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over the Last 2 Myr
Kim J, Goldstein SL, Pena LD, Jaume-Seguí M & Yehudai M

(2017) Neodymium Isotopes in Seawater: The GEOTRACES era
Pena LD, Goldstein SL, Wu Y, Hartman AE, Basak C, Rijkenberg M & de Baar HJW

(2017) The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Through the Mid–Pleistocene Transition
Goldstein SL, Pena LD, Jaume-Seguí M, Kim J, Yehudai M, Knudson K, Basak C, Hartman A & Lupien R

(2011) Productivity and Circulation Changes during the Last Deglaciation from Biomarkers and Nd Isotopes
Calvo E, Pena L, Pelejero C & Cacho I

(2010) Meridional Advection of Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters during the Last Deglaciation from Nd Isotopes in Foraminifera
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

(2009) Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters in Tropical Pacific Thermocline
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

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