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All abstracts by Leopoldo D. Pena in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Neodymium Isotopes in Seawater: The GEOTRACES era
Pena LD, Goldstein SL, Wu Y, Hartman AE, Basak C, Rijkenberg M & de Baar HJW

(2017) The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Through the Mid–Pleistocene Transition
Goldstein SL, Pena LD, Jaume-Seguí M, Kim J, Yehudai M, Knudson K, Basak C, Hartman A & Lupien R

(2011) Productivity and Circulation Changes during the Last Deglaciation from Biomarkers and Nd Isotopes
Calvo E, Pena L, Pelejero C & Cacho I

(2010) Meridional Advection of Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters during the Last Deglaciation from Nd Isotopes in Foraminifera
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

(2009) Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters in Tropical Pacific Thermocline
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

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