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All abstracts by Ewan Pelleter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Behaviour of Metals in Slab-Decoupled Magmas. Example of the Fatu-Kapa Hydrothermal Fields (SW Pacific)
Jeanvoine A, Chazot G, Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Bézos A, Guivel C & Langlade J

(2019) Hydrothermal Iron Budget at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Diving Inside the TAG Neutrally Buoyant Plume
González-Santana D, Cheize M, Planquette H, Whitby H, Gourain A, Holmes T, Germain Y, Cathalot C, Pelleter E, Fouquet Y & Sarthou G

(2019) What Happens to Hydrothermal Sediment? A Diagenetic Study along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Pastor L, Rouxel O, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Cheron S, Hubert M, Djedjroh Y, Cathalot C, Pelleter E, Roussel E, Cambon Bonavita M-A & Menot L

(2019) Copper Isotope Systematics of Hydrothermal Sediments from TAG and Snake Pit Fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Djedjroh Y, Rouxel O, Cathalot C, Pastor L, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Leroy L, Cheron S, Pelleter E & Cambon MA

(2018) High Resolution Particulate Trace Metals Dispersion from the TAG Hydrothermal Vent (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Cheize M, Planquette H, González-Santana D, Whitby H, Gourain A, Holmes T, Guyader V, Germain Y, Roudaut M, Cathalot C, Sarthou G, Pelleter E & Fouquet Y

(2015) Multiple Sources of Metals in Seafloor Hydrothermal FeMn Deposits: A Case Study at Utu'Uli, Pacific Ocean
Pelleter E, Rouxel O, Fouquet Y, Josso P, Germain Y, Cheron S & Etoubleau J

(2015) High-Resolution 3D Seismic Imaging of the Utu Uli Mn-Ni Deposit
Thomas Y, Pelleter E, Marsset B, Ker S, Fouquet Y, Alix A-S, Cheron S & Etoubleau J

(2013) Rare Earth Element Signatures of Metal-Rich Hydrothermal Ferromanganese Deposit in the South-West Pacific
Josso P, Pelleter E, Pourret O, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Bollinger C

(2012) Discovery of Metals-Rich Hydrothermal Manganese Deposits in the South-West Pacific
Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Labanieh S

(2008) Hydrothermal Zircons: A Tool for Ion Microprobe U–Pb Dating of Ore Mineralization in Polyphase Deposits
Pelleter E, Cheilletz A, Gasquet D, Mouttaqi A, Annich M & Deloule E

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