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All abstracts by Stefan Peiffer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Thick as Thieves: Antimony Sequestration during Ferrous Iron Oxidation
Wegner L, Scheinost AC, Peiffer S & Hockmann K

(2023) Schwertmannite as a New Sorbent for Phosphate Immobilization: The Role of pH and Sulfate Release
As KS, Hockmann K, Joshi P, Kappler A & Peiffer S

(2023) Fe(II)-catalyzed Ferrihydrite Transformation in the Presence of Phosphate during Redox Oscillations: Mutual Effects on Iron Mineralogy and Phosphate Sorption
Liu X, Hockmann K & Peiffer S

(2023) Benefits and Risks of Adding Iron-Containing Water Treatment Residuals to Lakes for Reducing the Internal Phosphorus Loading
Behrends T, Münch M, As KS, Ma M & Peiffer S

(2023) Effectiveness of P Retention in Eutrophic Peat Lake Sediments 10 Years after Fe Amendment
Münch M, van Kaam R, As KS, Peiffer S, ter Heerdt G, Slomp CP, Voegelin A & Behrends T

(2023) Effect of Climate Change on Internal P Loading in a Reservoir System
As KS, Münch M, Trommer G, Behrends T & Peiffer S

(2022) Sulfidation of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides and its Role for Trace Element Cycling
Peiffer S

(2021) Elucidating Sources of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Riparian Zone of a Small, Forested Catchment
Blaurock K, Garthen P, Gilfedder BS, Fleckenstein JH, Peiffer S & Hopp L

(2021) The P-Trap Project: Tackling the Diffuse Phosphorus Input to Surface Waters
Behrends T, Peiffer S & Walter S

(2021) Sedimentary P and Fe Dynamics in a Eutrophic Peat Lake after Fe-Amendment
Münch M, van Kaam R, As K, Peiffer S, ter Heerdt G, Slomp CP & Behrends T

(2021) Assessing the Potential of Iron-Containing Byproducts from Water Purification in the Prevention of Phosphorus Release from Lake Sediments
As KS, Münch M, Behrends T & Peiffer S

(2021) The Influence of Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides on the Surface Properties of Polystyrene Microplastics in Aquatic Environments
Schmidtmann J & Peiffer S

(2021) Phosphorus Concentration/Discharge Hysteresis Patterns during Storm Events in Streams Entering a Eutrophic Lake
Liu X, Trommer G, Behrends T & Peiffer S

(2021) Sequestration of Se(VI) Using S-Zvi Under Oxic and Anoxic Conditions
Marouane B, Mohanraj J, Thelakkat M & Peiffer S

(2021) Fe(II) Oxidation in the Presence of Sb(V): Mutual Effects on Fe(III) Precipitates and Sb Sequestration
Hockmann K, Wegner L, McCammon C, Peiffer S, Planer-Friedrich B & Burton E

(2019) From Waste to Resource: The Use of Schwertmannite to Remove Oxoanions
Peiffer S, Klug M, Marouane B, Chen N, Obst M, Eberhardt J, Susan R & Diana B

(2019) Adsorption Mechanism of Selenite and Selenate on Schwertmannite
Marouane B, Chen N, Obst M & Peiffer S

(2015) Rapid Pyrite Formation during Interaction between Ferric (Hydr)oxides and S(-II)
Wan M & Peiffer S

(2015) Metastable Sulphur Species at Iron Mineral Surfaces – Missing Links in the Sulphur Cycle?
Peiffer S & Wan M

(2015) Uranium(VI) Binding by Dissolved Organic Matter: Influence of Water Chemistry and Dissolved Organic Matter Properties
Schaper JL, Aiken GR, Walton-Day K, Peiffer S & Campbell KM

(2013) Colloid-Associated Iron and Arsenic Transport in Streams
Neubauer E, von der Kammer F, Knorr K-H, Peiffer S, Reichert M, Köhler SJ, Laudon H & Hofmann T

(2012) Mossbauer Evidence of Rapid Pyrite Formation during the Interaction between Dissolved Sulfide and Lepidocrocite
Wan M, Schroder C & Peiffer S

(2012) Oxidation of Pyrite in Anoxic Aquifers in the Presence of Nitrate
Yan R, Kappler A, Richnow H-H, Horn M & Peiffer S

(2011) Hydrological Constraints for Biogeochemical Processes in Acidic Mining Lakes
Peiffer S

(2011) Groundwater Flow Impacts on Sediment Biogeochemistry: A Multivariate Statistical Approach
Beer J, Neumann C, Fleckenstein JH, Peiffer S & Blodau C

(2011) Combined WAXS/XAFS Measurements for Studying the Reaction of S(-II) with Lepidocrocite
Behrends T, Hellige K, Silveira M & Peiffer S

(2011) Quantifying Electron Flow in the Sulfidation of Lepidocrocite
Wan M, Schröder C & Peiffer S

(2011) Stimulation of the Anaerobic Oxidation of Pyrite by Activators at Neutral pH in the Presence of Nitrate
Yan R, Kappler A, Richnow H-H & Peiffer S

(2009) Redox Processes at the Nanoscale: A TEM Perspective of Iron Sulfide-Iron (Oxyhydr)oxide Reactions
Pollok K, Hellige K, Harries D & Peiffer S

(2009) Transformation of Iron(oxyhydr)oxides in the Presence of Dissolved Sulphide
Hellige K, Larese-Casanova P, Pollok K & Peiffer S

(2009) The Role of Iron – Sulphur Coupling in Ground Water Geochemistry – Revisited
Peiffer S

(2009) The Effect of Fe(II) on Schwertmannite Transformation and its Interference with As
Paikaray S & Peiffer S

(2009) Influence of Groundwater Flow on Sediment Pore-Water Biogeochemistry
Beer J, Neumann C, Fleckenstein J, Peiffer S & Blodau C

(2009) The Effect of Flow Rate on Iron Oxide Driven Sulfide Turnover in Aquifers
Kurtz W, Hellige K & Peiffer S

(2007) The Reactivity of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides Toward Dissolved Sulphide between pH 3 to 9
Hellige K & Peiffer S

(2007) Sulfur in Tree Rings in Central Europe: A Negative δ34S Shift Relative to Regional Pollution Sources
Novak M, Peiffer S, Zak K, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Prechova E

(2007) The Role of Iron Redox Cycling for the Natural Acidification of Ground Water
Peiffer S, Oldham C, Salmon U & Küsel K

(2007) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Based on Alkaline Residues
Back M, Kühn M & Peiffer S

(2005) Does Surface Acidity of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides Affect Reactivity Towards H2S ?
Peiffer S & Gade W

(2002) The Coupling of the Oxidation of Reduced Sulfur Compounds with the Reduction of Fe(III)-minerals
Schulz-Gade W & Peiffer S

(2002) Geochemical Constraints for the Remediation of Acidic Mining Lakes
Peiffer S, Regenspurg S & Kuesel K

(2000) Geochemical Constraints on the Anaerobic Electron Flow in the Sediment of an Acidic Lake
Peiffer S, Peine A & Kuesel K

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