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All abstracts by Nikolai Pedentchouk in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Light Intensity Control on Compound Specific Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Cultures of Haslea Ostrearia
Sánchez Montes ML, Mock T, Smik L & Pedentchouk N

(2019) Foraminiferal Stable Isotope Record from the Northeastern Peri-Tethys during the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)
Pedentchouk N, Chapman M & Gavrilov Y

(2017) The Effect of Light Intensity on 2H/1H Ratios of Highly Branched Isoprenoids (HBIs) in the Diatom Pleurosigma Intermedium
Pedentchouk N, Belt S, Smik L, Brown T, Cormier M-A, Jones M & Mock T

(2016) Molecular and Stable Isotope Signatures for Source Apportionment of PAHs in the River Thames Sediments, UK
Pedentchouk N & Vane C

(2015) A Sedimentological Perspective on Terrestrial Plant Hydrogen-Isotope Palaeohydrological Proxy
Pedentchouk N & Eley Y

(2015) Characterization of Early Cretaceous West African Source Rocks Using Integrated Molecular and Stable Isotope Approach
Cooper R, Pedentchouk N, Freeman K & Harris N

(2015) Constraining the Influence of Plant Community Change on the Sedimentary N-Alkane 2H/1H Record in a Temperate Saltmarsh
Eley Y, Pedentchouk N & Dawson L

(2013) Holocene Climate in West Siberia Using Peat Deposits
Savinykh Y, Preis Y, Pedentchouk N & Gulaya E

(2011) D/H Composition of Leaf Waxes from C3 Plants along a Transect from the UK to Central Siberia, Russia
Pedentchouk N & Fisher K

(2009) Greater Average Chain Length of N-Alkanes Correlates with D-Depletion and 13C-Enrichment in Evergreen Angiosperms in Comparison with Other Higher Plant Species
Pedentchouk N, Wagner T & Jones M

(2007) Comparison of δ13C and δD Values of N-Alkanes from Angiosperms and Gymnosperms in Western Europe
Pedentchouk N, Wagner T, Jones M, Pellegrini M, Brugnoli E, Lauteri M, Pollegioni P & Behling H

(2005) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of N-Alkanes from Leaf Waxes: An Empirical Evaluation of Environmental Controls
Pedentchouk N & Pagani M

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