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All abstracts by Julian A. Pearce in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Making New Oceanic Crust in a Subduction Initiation Setting: New Results from Bonin Forearc Drilling (IODP Exp. 352)
Pearce J, Reagan M & Petronotis K

(2012) Mantle Flow, Slab-Surface Temperatures and Melting Dynamics in the North Tonga Arc Lau Basin
Turner S, Caulfield J, Arculus R, Dale C, Keller N, Pearce J & Macpherson C

(2011) Newly-Discovered Abyssal Peridotite Mantle Xenoliths Constrain Mid-Ocean Ridge Melting Models
Pearce J, Leat P, Barry T & Tindle A

(2011) A Variably Enriched Mantle Wedge and Contrasting Melt Types during Arc Stages Following Subduction Initiation in the Southwest Pacific
Todd E, Gill J & Pearce J

(2009) Shallow Slab Melting at the Start of Western Pacific Subduction: Geochemical and Experimental Evidence
Pearce J, Peate D & Rushmer T

(2008) The Origin, Nature and Consequences of the Circum-Superior 1880 Ma Large Igneous Province
Minifie M, Kerr A, Ernst R & Pearce J

(2007) Magmatic Evolution and Crustal Accretion in the Northern Oman-U.A.E Ophiolite: New Insights from LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Clinopyroxene
Lilly R, Pearce J, MacLeod C & Styles M

(2007) The Application of Chrome-Spinel in the Tectonic Discrimination of Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks: New Developments from the Analysis of Gallium
Dare S, Pearce J, McDonald I & Styles M

(2006) When did Subduction Start - and how did it Evolve?
Pearce J

(2006) Tectonic evolution of the Caribbean Plate: Insights from Cretaceous volcanic rocks in Jamaica.
Hastie A, Kerr A, Pearce J & Mitchell S

(2005) Some Isotopic Constraints on Fluid Versus Melt Transfer from Slab to Wedge: Hf Isotope Evidence from the South Sandwich Arc
Barry T, Pearce J, Leat P & Millar I

(2003) Quantifying Element Transfer from Slab to Mantle at Subduction Zones
Pearce J

(2002) Geochemical Characteristics of Cretaceous Collision-Related Plutonism in Turkey
Ilbeyli N & Pearce JA

(2002) Behaviour of High Field Strength Elements in Subduction Systems
Pearce JA, Kempton PD & Gill JB

(2001) The Australian-Antarctic Discordance as a Long-Lived Mantle Boundary: Evidence from Hf-Nd-Pb Isotope Analyses of 14n?28 Ma Basalts from ODP Leg 187
Kempton PD, Barry TL & Pearce JA

(2000) Contaminant Source Apportionment in Brownfield Soils by Combined SEM Image Analyses and Plasma Ionisation, Multi-Collector Mass Spectrometry (PIMMS)
McGill RA, Pearce J, Fortey NJ, Watt J, Parrish RR, Young SD & Thornton I

(2000) The Origin of HFSE Anomalies in Subduction Zone Magmas: Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope and Element Covariations
Pearce J, Kempton P & Nowell G

(2000) Hf Isotope Evidence for Mantle Domain Boundaries in the Western Pacific
Kempton PD, Pearce JA & Tappin D

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