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All abstracts by Chad Paton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Identification of Two Distinct Presolar Carriers Using Ba-Isotope Anomalies of Acid-Leachates and CAIs
Paton C, Schiller M & Bizzarro M

(2015) High-Precision Nd Isotope Analysis by MC-ICPMS: Implications for Early Earth Silicate Differentiation
Saji NS, Wielandt D, Paton C & Bizzarro M

(2015) New Developments in 3D LA-ICP-MS Imaging: Advanced Alignment and Analysis Techniques
Paul B, Hare D, Paton C, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2014) High-Resolution 3D Imaging Strategies for Bio-Materials by LA-ICP-MS
Paul B, Hare D, Paton C, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2014) Laser-Ablation U-Pb Geochronology in common-Pb Rich Minerals
Paton C, Paul B, Woodhead J, Hergt J & Bizzarro M

(2013) Resolving S- and R-Process Presolar Carriers Using Ba-Isotope Anomalies in FUN CAIs, Bulk Meteorite Samples, and Ivuna Acid Leaches
Paton C, Schiller M & Bizzarro M

(2013) An Inert Desolvating Nebulizer System and Rapid Washout Accessory for Tungsten Isotope Measurements with Multicollector ICP-MS
Smith F, Holst J, Paton C & Bizarro M

(2013) Formation Timescales of Pallasite Meteorites Inferred from the Mg Isotope Composition of Olivine
Larsen K, Schiller M, Paton C & Bizzarro M

(2013) The Hf-W Chronology of FUN CAIs
Holst J, Olsen M, Paton C, Nagashima K, Schiller M, Wielandt D, Larsen K, Connelly J, Jørgensen J, Krot A, Nordlund Å & Bizzarro M

(2011) Improved 27Al/24Mg Ratio Measurement Using a Modified Isotope-Dilution Approach
Paton C, Schiller M, Ulfbeck D & Bizzarro M

(2011) High Precision Ca Isotope Analysis Using MC-ICPMS and TIMS
Schiller M, Paton C & Bizzarro M

(2011) High-Precision Mg Isotope Measurements of Inner Solar System Materials by HR-Mc-ICPMS
Bizzarro M, Paton C, Schiller M & Ulfbeck D

(2009) Isotopic and Elemental Imaging by Laser Ablation ICPMS
Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Hergt J, Paton C, Greig A & Maas R

(2008) African Kimberlites Revisited: In situ Sr-Isotope Analysis of Groundmass Perovskite
Woodhead J, Phillips D, Hergt J & Paton C

(2006) Laser ablation analysis of Sr isotopes in kimberlitic perovskite
Paton C, Hergt JM, Woodhead JD & Phillips D

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