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All abstracts by Jill Pasteris in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Heterogeneous Lead Phosphate Nucleation at Organic-Water Interfaces: Implications for Lead Immobilization
Hu Y, Dai C, Zhao J, Giammar D, Pasteris J & Zuo X

(2018) Channel Carbonate Substitution in Apatite: A New Look with Raman and IR Spectroscopy
Pasteris J, Yoder C, Bollmeyer M, Stepien K & Dybing S

(2010) Why do Fossil Bones and Teeth Exist?
Pasteris J & Ding D

(2010) Pursuing the “Original” Composition of Bone Mineral
Li Z & Pasteris J

(2005) Bioapatite: Where Structure Meets Composition
Pasteris J & Wopenka B

(2005) Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Hypermineralized Bioapatite: Human Enamel, Whale Rostrum, and Whale Bulla
Wopenka B, Zinner E & Pasteris J

(2005) Preliminary Study of Fish Bone Using Raman Spectroscopy
Zhou C & Pasteris J

(2004) Non-Destructive Pre-Selection of Minimally Altered Fossil Tooth Enamel for Additional Geochemical Analysis
Wopenka B & Pasteris J

(2001) Bone Apatite: Building Interfaces from the Inside Out
Pasteris JD, Wopenka B & Freeman JJ

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