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All abstracts by Stephen Parman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Atom Probe Tomography of Allende CAI Opaque Assemblage
Parman S, Jacobsen S, Petaev M & Akey A

(2018) Sequestration of Xe in an Early, Hydrous Martian Crust
Krantz J, Cannon K & Parman S

(2018) Atom Probe Tomography of Olivine and Clinopyroxene Grain and Phase Boundaries in Deformed Wehrlite
Cukjati J, Parman S, Cooper R & Zhao N

(2018) Kinetic and Geologic Controls on Olivine Spinifex Textures in Komatiites
Grove T & Parman S

(2017) Experimental Constraints on Noble Gas Recycling into the Mantle
Parman S, Krantz J, Kelley S, Jackson C, Smye A & Cooper R

(2017) Atom Probe Tomography of Phase and Grain Boundaries in Experimentally-Deformed Wehrlite
Cukjati J, Parman S, Cooper R & Zhao N

(2016) Aqueous Alteration of the Martian Crust during Magma Ocean Cooling
Cannon K, Mustard J & Parman S

(2015) Time-Lapse Analysis of Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages
Parman S

(2014) Transport Modeling of Noble Gases during Subduction
Smye A, Hesse M, Jackson C, Kelley S & Parman S

(2013) Noble Gas Recycling and He-Ne-Ar Solubility in Ring Structure-Bearing Minerals
Jackson C, Parman S, Kelley S & Cooper R

(2012) Helium Solubility in Ring Site Bearing Minerals and Implications for Noble Gas Recycling
Jackson C, Kelley S, Parman S & Cooper R

(2011) Crust-Mantle Links and a Major Mesoproterozoic Melting Event
Nowell GM, Dale CW, Pearson GD, Oberthur T, Dijkstra AH & Parman SW

(2010) Os Isotopes in Witwatersrand Platinum-Group Alloys: Implications for Ancient Mantle Melting Events and the Timing of Gold Formation
Dale CW, Pearson DG, Nowell GM, Parman SW, Oberth├╝r T & Malitch KN

(2009) Partitioning and Diffusion of Noble Gases in Olivine at Mantle Pressures
Parman S, Kelley S, Ballentine C & van Orman J

(2008) Laser Ablation Pt-Re-Os Analysis and Chronometry of Mantle-Derived Minerals
Nowell GM, Coggon J, Pearson DG, Parman S, Hanski E & Tuisku P

(2007) A Petrologic View of Mantle Geochemistry: Os and He Evidence for Ancient Depleted Mantle Heterogeneities
Parman S

(2007) The Hidden History of Mantle Depletion: Os Isotopes Reveal a Link between Mantle Depletion and Crustal Growth
Parman S, Pearson G & Nowell G

(2006) The Helium Isotopic Evolution of the Earth
Parman S

(2006) Hydrous mantle melting at ridges and back-arc basins
Langmuir C, Bezos A, Escrig S & Parman S

(2002) Komatiites: The Subduction Perspective
Parman S, Grove T, de Wit M & Dann J

(2002) Influence of H2O on the Development of Spinifex Textures in Komatiites
Grove T, Parman S, Nuka P, de Wit M & Dann J

(2000) Nd-Hf Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Al-Depleted and Al-Undepleted Komatiites, the Onverwacht Group, South Africa
Chavagnac V, Bowring SA, Parman SW & Carlson RW

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