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All abstracts by Kye-Hun Park in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Mantle-Crust Interaction Recorded in Zircons from Jeju Trachytes
Cheong C-S, Jeong Y-J, Sohn YK & Park K-H

(2019) Sr, C and O Isotope Composition of Hyangsanni Dolomite in Northeastern Okcheon Metamorphic Belt, South Korea: Additional Constraints on Neoproterozoic Glaciation in the Sino-Korean Craton
Ha Y, Song Y-S, Park K-H, Satish-Kumar M, Kim MJ & Jeong SW

(2018) Late Paleozoic to Early Cenozoic Subduction-Related Magmatism in Korea: Cyclic Changes of Rock Type and Juvenile Mantle Input
Park K-H & Song Y-S

(2018) REE and Sr Isotope Geochemistry of Apatites from the Yeongju and Andong Granites, Yeongnam Massif, Korea
Yoon R, Lee S-G, Park K-H & Song Y-S

(2017) Evaluation of Alkali Fusion Method for Precise Determination of 28 Trace Elements in Silicate Rocks by LA-ICPMS
Kim MJ & Park K-H

(2015) Temporal Variation in Nd Isotopic Compositions of the Phanerozoic Granitoids of Korea
Park K-H & Song Y-S

(2014) Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopic Compositions of the Ulleungdo and Dokdo Islands, East Sea
Park K-H & Song Y-S

(2012) Delaminaiton of Subcontinental Lithosphere beneath the Korean Peninsula: Evidence from Ultramafic Xenoliths in Cenozoic Basalts
Park K-H & Song Y-S

(2012) Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Plateau Lavas from the Pali Aile Volcanic Filed and Morro Chico Volcano, Southern Patagonia in South America
Choo MK, Lee MJ, Lee JI, Kim KH & Park K-H

(2008) U-Series Isotope Data on Deception Island Volcanic Rocks
Huh Y, Lundstrom C & Park K-H

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