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All abstracts by Dominic Papineau in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Simulating Precambrian Banded Iron Formation Diagenesis
Kappler A, Posth NR, Koehler I, Swanner E, Schroeder C, Wellmann E, Binder B, Konhauser KO, Neumann U, Berthold C, Nowak M & Papineau D

(2013) Biogeochemical Cycling of Nitrogen on the Early Earth
Thomazo C, Papineau D & Ader M

(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B

(2012) Carbonaceous Material Associated with Apatite in the Chassigny Meteorite from Mars
Papineau D

(2012) Carbon Isotope Clues on the Origin of Frere Granular Iron Formation from the Paleoproterozoic Earaheedy Basin
LeBris Erffmeyer J, Papineau D & Pirajno F

(2012) Carbon Chemostratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Belcher, Nastapoka, and Richmond Gulf Groups
Interlichia K, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Hallmann C, Swarth C, She Z & Fogel M

(2011) Isotopically Heavy Sulfur in Banded Iron Formations from the Eoarchean Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt
Papineau D & Hauri E

(2010) Fluid-Deposition of Graphite with Apatite in an Eoarchean Banded Iron Formation from the Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt, Québec, Canada
Papineau D, De Gregorio B, Steele A, Stroud R & Fogel M

(2009) Oceanic Nickel Depletion and a Methanogen Famine Before the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Lalonde S, Papineau D, Nisbet E, Barley M, Arndt N, Zahnle K & Kamber B

(2009) Carbonaceous Material Associated with Apatite in the Akilia Qp Rock
Papineau D, De Gregorio B, Fries M, Steele A, Stroud R, Wang J, Mojzsis S, Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Cody G & Fogel M

(2009) Lab Simulations of Long Term Diagenetic Fate of Biomass in Banded Iron Formations
Köhler I, Papineau D, Posth N & Kappler A

(2008) Mineralogical Coevolution of the Geo- and Biospheres
Hazen R, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Downs R, Ferry J, McCoy T, Sverjensky D & Yang H

(2008) High Primary Productivity and Denitrification after the Paleoproterozoic Phosphogenic Event in the Aravalli Supergroup, India
Papineau D, Purohit R, Goldberg T, Pi D, Shields G, Bhu H & Fogel M

(2007) High Primary Productivity in Stromatolitic Phosphorites from the Paleoproterozoic Aravalli Supergroup
Papineau D, Purohit R, Mehta P, Shirey S & Fogel M

(2007) Graphite + Apatite in >3.83 Ga Ferruginous Quartz-Pyroxene (Supracrustal) Rocks from Akilia, Southern West Greenland
Mojzsis S, Papineau D, Adam J & Harrison M

(2004) Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Analyses of Sulfides from Paleoproterozoic Sediments by Ion Microprobe
Papineau D, Mojzsis S, McKeegan K & Karhu J

(2003) Stigating Nitrogen Biosignatures in Early Archean and Proterozoic Metasedimentary Phyllosilicates
Papineau D, Mojzsis S, Karhu J & Marty B

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