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All abstracts by Martin Palmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Selective Preservation of Amides in Marine Tephra Layers
Palmer M, Manners H, Gernon T, Sutton P & Rowlands S

(2015) Discovery of a 2.4 Ma, VEI 5 Plinian Eruption on Guadeloupe
Hatter S, Palmer M & Gernon T

(2013) Daily Geochemical Monitoring of Volcanic Rivers: A Tool for Eruption Prediction?
Jones M, Gkritzalis-Papadopoulous A, Palmer M, Mowlem M & Gislason S

(2013) Marine Sediments as an Archive of the Evolution of Volcanism on Montserrat
Johnson P, Inglis E, Marchant I, Cassidy M, Palmer M, Talling P, Gernon T & Watt S

(2013) The Role of Tephra Diagenesis in the Carbon Cycle
Palmer M & Gernon T

(2011) Combining Spot Samples and Continuous Sampling to Study Small Catchment Storm Runoff
Palmer M, Gkritzalis-Papadopolous A & Mowlem M

(2011) Tracking the Magmatic Evolution of an Island Arc Volcano: Insights from a High-Precision Pb Isotope Record of Montserrat, Lesser Antilles
Cassidy M, Taylor R, Palmer M & Trofimovs J

(2011) Rates and Mechanisms of Oxygen Consumption by Fresh Volcanic Material in the Marine Environment
Hembury D, Palmer M & Fones G

(2011) Boron Isotopes by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Milton A, Demuth F, Foster G & Palmer M

(2009) Ocean Acidification from Explosive Volcanism as a Cause for Mass Mortality of Pteropods
Jones M, Fisher J & Palmer M

(2009) Oxygen Uptake during Marine Diagenesis of Fresh Volcanic Material
Hembury D, Palmer M, Fones G & Jones M

(2008) Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Surface Water pCO2 in the Northern Arabian Sea Since 29 ka
Palmer M, Brummer G-J, Cooper MJ, Elderfield H, Greaves M, Reichart G-J, Schouten S & Yu J-M

(2002) Hydrothermal Clays as Tracers of Seafloor Sulphide Mound Evolution
Mills RA, Severmann S, Palmer MR & Fallick AE

(2002) The Isotopic Signature of Fe-Mineralisation during Early Diagenesis
Severmann S, Larsen O, Palmer MR & N├╝ster J

(2002) The Boron Isotope Approach to Paleo-pCO2 Estimation
Pearson P & Palmer M

(2002) Chromatographic Extraction of Fe from Seawater and its Impact on Fe Isotope Fractionation
Warwick PE, Severmann S & Palmer MR

(2000) The Geomicrobiology of a Relict Sulphide Deposit: Extending the Boundaries of the Submarine Hydrothermal Ecosystem
Severmann S, Parkes RJ, Cragg BA, Telling J, Rhodes J, Mills RA & Palmer MR

(2000) Systematics of Saline Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from the Sub-Aerial Saline Systems on Iceland
Aggarwal J, Palmer M & Mezger K

(2000) The Geochemistry of a Relict Hydrothermal Deposit: Effects of Low Temperature Alteration
Severmann S, Mills RA & Palmer MR

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