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All abstracts by Zenon Palacz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Bridging the Gap between Faraday Cup and Ion Counting Measurements – A Faraday Detector with the Equivalent Noise Performance of a 1014 Ω Resistor Amplifier
Yardley S, Volkovoy V, Hockley M, Tootell D & Palacz Z

(2019) Accurate Determination of 90Sr in IAEA Proficiency Test Using Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Kavasi N, Sahoo SK, Aono T & Palacz Z

(2018) High Precision Measurement of Isotope Ratios Using Faraday Collectors with ATONA Amplifiers
Hockley M, Palacz Z & Yardley S

(2018) A High Sensitivity Nier-Type Gas Source for Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry
Tootell D, Jones T, Palacz Z & Rousell D

(2017) A Faraday Amplifier with sub Attoamp Noise Floor and a Headroom of 100 Volts
Tootell D, Volkovoy V, Jones T, Palacz Z & Burgess D

(2017) Accurate Measurement of 236U/238U Isotope Ratio in 10-8 Range in Soil Using TIMS
Sahoo SK, Aono T, Palacz Z & Steierer P

(2013) High Precision Measurements of sub Nanogram Levels of Neodymium Measured as NdO<sup>+</sup> Using Phoenix X62 Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer
Palacz Z, Burgess D & Inglis J

(2011) Peformance Characteristics of an Enhanced Daly Ion Counting System for TIMS
Palacz Z, Jones T, Tootell D, Guest R & Locke S

(2003) Measurement of Isotope Ratios at High Mass Resolution Using a Collision Cell Interfaced, Multicollector ICPMS
Palacz Z

(2000) IsoProbe2 – The Second Generation Single Focussing MC-ICPMS
Meffan-Main S, Palacz Z & Turner P

(2000) Ultra High Nd Isotope Ratio Precisions – The Limit of Exponential Mass Fractionation Correction
Palacz Z, Turner P & Meffan-Main S

(2000) The Role of Magmatic Versus Subsolidus Processes in Determining Mineral-Scale Isotopic Characteristics of the Rum Intrusive Complex
Tepley Iii FJ, Davidson JP & Palacz Z

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