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All abstracts by Thierry Adatte in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Tempo of the Deccan Traps Flood Basalts Relative to the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction
Schoene B, Eddy M, Samperton K, Keller G, Adatte T & Khadri S

(2018) The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: New Geochemical and Geochronological Insights
Percival L, Davies J, Selby D, Schaltegger U, Rakocinski M, Racki G, Bond D, Spangenberg J, Adatte T & Föllmi K

(2013) Oxygen and Hydrogen Stable Isotopes in Alpine Waters and Fine-Grained Soils Near Saas Fee, Switzerland
Bauer K, Adatte T & Vennemann T

(2010) High Cd Concentrations in Bajocian Carbonates in the Swiss Jura Mountains: Evidences for Hydrothermal Input
Efimenko N, Spangenberg J, Schneider J, Chiaradia M, Adatte T, Matera V & Föllmi K

(2009) Phosphorus Accumulation during Late Devonian Anoxic Events in Erfoud Morocco
Adatte T, Bomou B, Keller G, Gertsch B, Fleitmann D, Fargo R, Millian C, Kalmbach E, Fleming J & Lavdovski N

(2009) Paleoceanographic Change Associated with the Valanginian δ13C Excursion in the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Matera V, Adatte T, Schnyder J, Duchamp-Alphonse S, Fiet N, Fleitmann D, Ploch I & Föllmi KB

(2009) Anoxia during the OAE 2: Paleoenvironmental Insights from Tibet and Mexico
Bomou B, Adatte T, Follmi KB, Caron M, Tantawy AA, Fleitmann D, Matera V & Huang Y

(2005) Cadmium Enrichments in Jurassic Carbonates: Causes and Mechanisms
Rambeau C, Föllmi KB, Matera V, Adatte T & Steinmann P

(2004) The Behaviour of U, V, As and Mo in a Carbonate-Rich, Anoxic Lake
Steinmann P, Matera V, Bodin S, Godet A, Adatte T & Föllmi K

(2002) Cadmium Anomalies in Oolitic Carbonates of Bajocian and Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian Age in the Swiss and French Jura Mountains
Rambeau C, Föllmi K, Adatte T, Matera V, Steinmann P & Veuve P

(2000) Variations of Detrital Inputs to the South China Sea from 0 to 150 Kyr: A Mirror of Climate Change
Tamburini F, Steinmann P, Gueguen C, Adatte T & Föllmi K

(2000) Phosphorus Geochemistry of Marine Records: Examples from Diverse Oceanographic Settings
Tamburini F, Adatte T, Steinmann P & Föllmi K

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