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All abstracts by Clive Oppenheimer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Particulate Matter Produced during Commercial Sugarcane Harvesting and Processing: A Respiratory Health Hazard?
Le Blond J, Williamson B, Horwell C, Oppenheimer C & Strekopytov S

(2015) Redox Change Driven by Sulphur Degassing; A Review of Empirical Evidences
Moussallam Y, Oppenheimer C, Hartley M, Schipper CI, Scaillet B, Gaillard F & Kyle P

(2013) Toward a Unified Method for the Quantification of Volatiles in Magmas via FTIR
Iacovino K, Peters N & Oppenheimer C

(2012) Iron Redox and Viscosity of Erebus Volcano Phonolite Lava (Antarctica): Implications for Lava Lake Convection and Degassing Processes
Le Losq C, Neuville DR, Moretti R, De Ligny D, Moussalam Y, Baudelet F & Oppenheimer C

(2012) Experimental Constraints on the Evolution of Alkaline Magmas from Ross Island, Antarctica: A Case for CO2-dominated Volcanism
Iacovino K, Oppenheimer C, Scaillet B & Kyle P

(2011) Erebus: A Laboratory Volcano in Antarctica
Oppenheimer C, Kyle P, Jones L, McIntosh W, Dunbar N, Ilanko T, Peters N, Moussallam Y, Iacovino K, Boichu M, Sawyer G, Tsanev V, Scaillet B, Pichavant M, Burgisser A, Alletti M & Molina I

(2011) Inverse Modelling of Gas Chemistry Measurements
Burgisser A, Alletti M & Oppenheimer C

(2011) Volatile Solubility in Phonolites from Erebus Volcano: Towards a Multi-Component Degassing Model
Alletti M, Burgisser A, Scaillet B & Oppenheimer C

(2009) Deposition of Volatiles from Erebus Volcano in Antarctic Snow and Ice
Ilyinskaya E & Oppenheimer C

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