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All abstracts by Nives Ogrinc in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) CO2 Fluxes and Vulnerability to Acidification of Coastal Waters in the Gulf of Trieste (N Adriatic)
Krajnc B, Tamše S & Ogrinc N

(2018) Sources of Calcium and Carbon in Pedogenic Calcite of Dryland Agricultural Soils
Ortiz A, Valles K, Ma L, Ogrinc N, Krajnc B, Kaye J & Jin L

(2017) Agricultural Irrigation in Drylands Leads to Development of Pedogenic Carbonate and Release of Soil CO2
Jin L, Ortiz A, Ogrinc N, Krajnc B & Kaye J

(2016) Understanding the Repercussions of Dryland Irrigation on Pedogenic Carbonate Development
Ortiz A, Jin L, Ogrinc N, Krajnc B & Kaye J

(2012) Mercury Speciation in Deep-Sea Waters of the Mediterranean Sea
Ogrinc N, Vahaia M, Bratkia A, Kotnik J, Sprovieri F, Pirrone N & Horvat M

(2011) Sources and Cycling of Nitrogen in the Gulf of Trieste (N. Adriatic Sea)
Tamše S, Mozetič P & Ogrinc N

(2010) Indicators of Mercury Reactivity and Bioavailability in a Torrential River System Impacted by Former Mercury Mining
Horvat M, Žižek S, Toman MJ, Ogrinc N, Kanduč T & Kocman D

(2010) Lipid Biomarkers in Methanogenic Sediments of the Alpine Lake Bled (SW Slovenia)
Ogrinc N, Petrisic M, Mandic-Mulec I, Gorenc K & Faganeli J

(2007) Distribution of Mercury and Methylmercury in Deep-Sea Surficial Sediments of the Mediterranean Sea
Ogrinc N, Kotnik J, Fajon V, Kocman D, Zizek S, Horvat M & Pirrone N

(2003) Determination of Nutrition Habits of Neolithic Habitants Using Stable Isotope Approach
Ogrinc N & Budja M

(2002) Sources of the Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Shallow Coastal Waters
Ogrinc N & Faganeli J

(2002) Pore Water Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes from Boreal Lake Sediments
Hintelmann H & Ogrinc N

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