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All abstracts by Takuro Nunoura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Distribution of Methanogenic Coenzyme F430 in the Subsurface Water Columns at North Pacific Ocean
Kaneko M, Matsui Y, Kawagucci S, Yoshikawa C, Yoshida O, Nunoura T & Ohkouchi N

(2019) Nitrification Rates in the Subarctic and Subtropical North Pacific
Makabe A, Nunoura T, Yoshikawa C & Koba K

(2016) Niche Separation of Marine Thaumarchaeotes from the Seasurface to the Hadal Ocean
Nunoura T, Takaki Y, Minegishi H, Hirai M, Shuto A, Stepanauskas R & Takai K

(2016) Isotopic Analyses of Dissovled N2O and Nitrite in the Subarctic North Pacific
Toyoda S, Matsushima S, Makabe A, Nunoura T, Yoshikawa C & Yoshida N

(2011) Linking Nitrogen Isotope Systematics and Microbiology in a Subsurface Geothermal Water Stream, Hishikari Gold Mine, Japan
Nishizawa M, Koba K, Makabe A, Yoshida N, Hirai M, Miyazaki J, Nunoura T & Takai K

(2010) Novel Sulfur Disproportionation of a Deep-Sea Vent Thermophile
Hasegawa H, Yamamoto M, Nunoura T, Kawagucci S, Ueno Y & Takai K

(2008) Subseafloor Phase Separation and Fluid Migration Supports Calyptogena Colony in the Marginal Region of a Hydrothermal Field
Ishibashi J-I, Suzuki R, Hamasaki H, Yamanaka T, Chiba H, Ijiri A, Tsunogai U, Nakagawa S, Nunoura T & Takai K

(2003) The Evolution of Metabolisms in Hydrothermal Vents
Nunoura T & Takai K

(2003) Microbiology of Hydrates: Searching for the Methane Source Term
Colwell F, Delwiche M, Reed D, Boyd S, Nunoura T & Takai K

(2003) The Microbial Community Structure of Methane Hydrate Bearing Deep Subseafloor Sediments in Cascadia Margin (ODP Leg204)
Nunoura T, Takai K, Nealson K, Horikoshi K, Delwiche M & Colwell F

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