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All abstracts by Stefan Norra in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Arsenic Speciation and Distribution in Peat Deposits of the Hetao Basin, China
Wang H, Byrne J, Perez J, Thomas A, Benning L, Mayanna S, Hoefer H, Kontny A, Eiche E, Guo H, Kappler A & Norra S

(2017) Hydro-Geochemical Characterization of Eutrophication by Phosphorus in Lake Taihu, China
Holbach A, Wilhelms A, Qin Y, Zheng B, Yang J, Zou H, Qin B & Norra S

(2015) Global Urbanization – The Evolution of the Astysphere
Norra S

(2014) Arsenic Accumulation in Agricultural Fields and its Relationship with Cultivation Practices and Crop Type
Farooq SH, Chandrasekharam D, Dhanachandra W & Norra S

(2011) Separation of Arsenate and Phosphate for the Measurement of the Isotope Composition of the Oxygen in Arsenate
Tang X, Berner Z & Norra S

(2010) Oxygen Isotopy of Arsenate/Arsenite: A Novel Approach to Constrain the Source of As in Groundwater
Berner ZA, Tang X & Norra S

(2009) Behaviour of As in Sequential Sediment Extractions Observed by µSy-XRF Analysis
Eiche E, Kramar U, Berner Z, Norra S, Berg M & Neumann T

(2007) Adsorption of As in Rice Paddy Soils of West Bengal
Kramar U, Norra S, Berner Z & Stüben D

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