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All abstracts by Philippe Nonnotte in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Possible Hafnium Isotope Evidence for Continental Emergence Prior to 3.22 Ga
Foster I, Hagge P, Bricker H, Agranier A, Köhler I, Homann M, Heubeck C, Nonnotte P, Konhauser K, Tripati A & Lalonde SV

(2017) Ultra-Radiogenic Hafnium in Archean BIF: Intense Sedimentary Lu/Hf Fractionation at 3.2 Ga
Foster I, Agranier A, Heubeck C, Köhler I, Homann M, Tripati A, Nonnotte P, Ponzevera E & Lalonde S

(2017) Combination of Organic and Inorganic Proxies for Hydroclimate Reconstruction of the Ogooué River Basin (Gabon, Gulf of Guinea) during the Last 25ka
Skonieczny C, Bayon G, Schefuß E, Mollenhauer G, Thiéblemont D, Bouillon S, Toucanne S, Etoubleau J, Chéron S, Nonnotte P, Rouget M-L, Ponzevera E, Germain Y, Dennielou B & Marret F

(2017) The GEISEIR Cruise: Sr, Nd and Trace Elements High Resolution of Mantle Signal beneath the Southeast Indian Ridge
Hemond C, Bollinger C, Hanan B, Graham D & Nonnotte P

(2015) Mantle Dynamics during a Continental Break-Up: Insights from the North Atlantic Magmatic Province
Stéciuk-Mouillard P, Agranier A, Maury R, Nonnotte P, Chauvet F & Geoffroy L

(2011) Sulfur and Strontium Isotope Study of Hydrothermal Mineralization from the SE Afar Rift
Moussa N, Rouxel O, Nonnotte P, Fouquet Y, Ponzevera E & Etoubleau J

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