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All abstracts by Yu Nishihara in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Role of Oceanic Crust in Deep Water Cycle
Liu X, Matsukage KN, Takahashi E, Li Y, Nishihara Y, Suzuki T & Xiong X

(2019) Sound Velocity Measurements on Lower Mantle Minerals by Femtosecond Pulse Laser Pump-Probe Technique
Wakamatsu T, Ohta K, Yagi T, Nishihara Y, Okuda Y, Mitsude Y & Hirose K

(2016) Lattice-Preferred-Orientation of hcp Metals Studied by High-Pressure Deformation
Nishihara Y, Ohuchi T, Kawazoe T, Maruyama G, Seto Y, Higo Y, Funakoshi K-I & Tange Y

(2016) Subducting Basaltic Crust as a Water Transporter into the Earth’s Mantle Transition Zone
Matsukage K, Liu X, Nishihara Y, Suzuki T, Seto Y & Takahashi E

(2016) Creep Strength of Ringwoodite Measured up to 1700 K at 17-18 GPa Using a deformation-Dia Apparatus
Kawazoe T, Nishihara Y, Ohuchi T, Miyajima N, Maruyama G, Higo Y, Funakoshi K-I & Irifune T

(2015) Lattice Preferred Oriantation of Bridgmanite: Implications for Seismic Anisotropy in the Lower Mantle
Tsujino N, Nishihara Y, Yamazaki D & Seto Y

(2012) Deformation Experiments of Mantle Materials at the Conditions of Deep Earth Interior
Nishihara Y

(2011) Super-Si Garnet Breakdown Kinetics and Implications for Craton Evolution
Spengler D, Nishihara Y & Fujino K

(2009) The Orthoenstatite/Clinoenstatite Phase Transition Under the Upper Mantle Conditions Determined by in situ X-Ray Diffraction: Implications for Nature of the x-Discontinuity
Akashi A, Nishihara Y, Takahashi E, Nakajima Y, Tange Y & Funakoshi K-I

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