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All abstracts by Irina Nikolaeva in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Gallium Oxide Solubility in Vapor and Indicators of Heterogeneous Fluid Filtration
Bychkov A, Nekrasov S, Nikolaeva I & Matveeva S

(2011) Two Flood Basalt Events and Contemporary Granites within the Same LIP: Siberian Traps Case Study
Ivanov A, He H, Yan L, Ryabov V, Shevko A, Palesskii S & Nikolaeva I

(2008) Melts in Mantle Columns beneath Siberian Kimberlites
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Nikolaeva I, Palessky S, Pokhilenko L & Rotman A

(2007) Evaluation of the Possibility of 238U Series Dating for the Pliocene-Holocene Basalt
Deev E, Palesskiy S, Phedorin M, Nikolaeva I & Dyagilev G

(2005) Experimental Study of Boron Transport in Vapor Phase to 200℃
Nikolaeva I & Bychkov A

(2003) Geochemistry of Peridotite Minerals in Yubileinaya and Zarnitsa Pipes: Two Mantle Terranes
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Rotman A, Palessky S & Nikolaeva I

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