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All abstracts by Sune Nielsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Thallium Isotopes as Tracers of Subducted Hawaii-Emperor Ridge in Kamchatka Arc Lavas
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Blusztajn J, Auro M & Wörner G

(2020) Minimal Cadmium-Isotopic Variations during a ‘whiff’ of O2 at 2.5 Ga
Tegler L, Ostrander C, Anbar A, Kendall B, Nielsen S & Horner T

(2018) Oxygen Oases Were Persistent and Widespread Before the GOE
Ostrander C, Nielsen S, Owens J, Kendall B, Gordon G, Romaniello S & Anbar A

(2018) H Partitioning between Olivine and Melt between 0.1MPa and 12 GPa
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Hauri E, Marschall H & Sarafian E

(2018) Controls on the Barium-Isotopic Composition of Marine Particles
Horner T, Pryer H, Nielsen S & Lam P

(2018) Barium Isotope Evidence for Global Sediment Recycling in the Upper Mantle
Nielsen S, Horner T, Pryer H, Blusztajn J, Shu Y, Kurz M & Le Roux V

(2018) Vanadium Isotope a New Tool for Tracking Low Oxygen Conditions
Wu F, Owens J & Nielsen S

(2017) A Novel Tracer Method to Provide Principle Constraints on Seawater Iodine Redox Chemistry
Hardisty D, Horner T, Wankel S, Blusztajn J & Nielsen S

(2017) Arc Lavas Form from Melting of Mélange Rocks; Sediment Melts and Slab-Derived Fluids are not Major Contributors
Nielsen S & Marschall H

(2017) The Vanadium Isotope Composition of Marine Sediments
Wu F, Owens J, Nielsen S, Scholz F, Riedinger N, Peterson L & Lyons T

(2017) What the Flux? Isotopic Constraints on the Marine Barium Budget
Horner T, Auro M, Paytan A & Nielsen S

(2017) Volatile Content of 4-Vesta: Evidence from Unequilibrated Eucrites
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Gaetani G, Hauri E, Righter K & Berger E

(2017) Thallium Isotope Systematics in Volcanics from St. Helena Island. Constraints on the Origin of the HIMU Reservoir
Blusztajn J, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Shu Y & Hanyu T

(2016) Ocean Oxygenation Across Global Climate Perturbations Recorded by Thallium Isotopes
Nielsen S, Ostrander C & Owens J

(2015) Cadmium Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Seawater from Ferromanganese Crusts
Murphy K, Rehkamper M, van de Flierdt T, Abraham K, Barling J, Halliday A, Hein J, Nielsen S & Reinhard C

(2015) Barium-Isotopic Cycling in Southern Ocean Particulate Matter
Kinsley C, Horner T, Nielsen S & Lam P

(2014) Veritas in Vanadium? Stable Isotope Signatures from the Marianas, MORB and Magnetite
Prytulak J, Sossi P, O'Neill H, Plank T, Elliott T, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2014) Dominance of Deeply Sourced Iron in the Pacific Ocean
Horner T, Williams H, Hein J, Burton K, Halliday A & Nielsen S

(2014) Tl Isotope Implications for the Metalliferous Source of Carlin-Type Deposits in Northern Nevada
Wickham K, Arehart G & Nielsen S

(2014) The Barium-Isotopic Composition of the Pelagic Barite Flux
Horner T, Burgess S, Hsieh Y-T, Lam P & Nielsen S

(2014) Using Thallium Isotopes to Trace Slab Fluxes in the Aleutian Arc
Nielsen S, Kading T, Blusztajn J, Plank T, Prytulak J & Yogodzinski G

(2014) The Source of Water for 4-Vesta is Likely Carbonacous Chondrites
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Marschall H & McCubbin F

(2014) The Sulfur Abundance of the Mantle Deduced from Trace Element Ratios
Nielsen S, Lee C-T, Shimizu N & Behn M

(2013) Helium Isotopic and Concentration Variations in a Clinopyroxenite Vein: Implications for Mantle Evolution
Kurz MD, LeRoux V, Warren J, Cuirtice J & Nielsen S

(2013) Tracing Perturbations in the Oxygenation of the Cenozoic Ocean Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Archer C, Nielsen S, Burton K & Hein J

(2013) Quality Control for Novel Isotope Analyses
Rehkämper M, Wombacher F, Nielsen S, Schönbächler M, Fehr M, Goldberg T, Larner F, Laycock A, Paul M & van de Flierdt T

(2012) Deciphering the Cenozoic Tl Isotope Record of Marine Ferromanganese Crusts- New Evidence from Adsorption Experiments
Peacock C, Nielsen S, Wasylenki L, Moon E & Rehkamper M

(2012) The Geochemical Behavior of Thallium in Mantle-Derived Basalts
Nielsen S, Lee C-T & Shimizu N

(2011) Large Vanadium Isotope Difference between Silicate Earth and Meteorites
Nielsen S, Prytulak J, Wood B & Halliday A

(2011) The Stable Vanadium Isotope Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth
Prytulak J, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2010) Potassium and Uranium in the Upper Mantle Controlled by Archean Oceanic Crust Recycling
Nielsen S

(2009) Temporal Variations in the Iron Isotopic Compositions of Pacific Hydrogenetic Fe-Mn Crusts
Williams H, Nielsen S, Burton K, Hein J, Siebert C & Halliday A

(2009) Oxidative Scavenging of Tl by Mn Oxide Birnessite: Sorption and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Peacock C, Moon E, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2009) Vanadium Stable Isotopic Fractionation in Geologic Materials Measured by MC-ICPMS
Prytulak J, Nielsen S, Schauble E & Halliday A

(2009) Miocene Os and Tl Isotopes in the Indian Ocean: Implications for Antarctic Water Export and the Residence Time of Os
Nielsen S, Gannoun A, Burton K, Halliday A & Hein J

(2008) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Early Cenozoic Climate Change
Rehkamper M, Baker R, Nielsen SG, Hinkley TK & Toutain JP

(2008) Ferromanganese Crusts as Archives of Deep-Water Cd Isotope Compositions
Horner TJ, Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Williams H, Nielsen SG, Halliday AN & Hein JR

(2008) Core Formation and the Pb and Tl Isotope Evolution of the Silicate Earth
Baker R, Wood B, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M & Nielsen S

(2008) Investigation of Thallium Isotope Fractionation during Sorption to Mn Oxides
Nielsen S, Peacock C & Halliday A

(2007) Fractionation of Fe and O Isotopes in the Mantle: Implications for the Origins of Eclogites and the Source Regions of Mantle Plumes
Williams H, Nielsen S, Renac C, McCammon C, Griffin W & O'Reilly S

(2007) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Earth's Accretion
Baker R, Nielsen S, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wood B & Halliday A

(2007) Volcanic Outgassing and the Tl Isotope Composition of the Oceans
Rehkämper M, Baker R, Nielsen S, Hinkley T & Toutain J

(2007) Systematic Thallium Isotope Variation in Fe-Mn Crusts: A Proxy for Changes in Ocean Chemistry?
Nielsen S, Klemm V, LaRowe D, Halliday A & Hein J

(2007) Heavy Isotope Fractionation in the Solar System – A Volatile Perspective
Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wombacher F, Baker R, Nielsen S & Williams H

(2006) Thallium isotope contraints on the water fluxes of ridge flank hydrothermal systems
Rehkamper M, Nielsen SG, Teagle DAH, Alt JC & Butterfield DA

(2004) Using Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes as Tracers: What do Tl Isotopes Tell us About Hydrothermal Water Fluxes?
Rehkämper M, Nielsen S, Alt J & Butterfield D

(2004) First Evidence of Live 205Pb in the Early Solar System
Nielsen S, Rehkamper M & Halliday A

(2003) Isotopic Studies of the Present and Past Mass Balance of Dissolved Thallium in the Oceans
Rehkämper M, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2002) Isotopic Compositions and Concentrations of Estuarine Thallium
Nielsen S, Rehkämper M, Porcelli D, Swarzenski P & Halliday A

(2002) Secular Variation of Tl Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts?
Rehkamper M, Frank M, Hein JR, Nielsen S & Halliday AN

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