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All abstracts by Samuel Niedermann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Contamination Matters – Insights into Oceanic Basalt Generation from Ne, Ar and Cl
Stroncik N & Niedermann S

(2018) The SPICE Project: Preliminary Cosmogenic 10Be, 14C, and 21Ne Production Rates in Quartz from the 72 ka SP Lava Flow, AZ, USA
Fenton C, Niedermann S, Dunai T & Binnie S

(2017) Meteoric Water Fluxes in the Himalayas
Andermann C, Hovius N, Stieglitz T, Niedermann S, Labasque T & Vergnaud V

(2017) 4.5 Billion Years of Mantle Evolution: Insights from He, Ne, Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in OIBs and MORBs
Stroncik N, Niedermann S & Haase K

(2016) Erosion Rate Study at the Allchar Deposit (Macedonia) Based on Radioactive and Stable Cosmogenic Nuclides (26Al, 36Cl, 3He, and 21Ne)
Paviceciv MK, Cvetkovic V, Niedermann S, Pejovic V, Amthauer G, Boev B, Bosch F, Anicin I & Henning WF

(2013) Gas Geochemistry of Spring Waters along the Alpine Fault, NZ
Niedermann S, Zimmer M, Erzinger J, Cox SC, Menzies CD & Teagle DA

(2013) Residence Times of Ancient Water in Outokumpu (Finland) Revealed by Noble Gases
Kietäväinen R, Ahonen L, Kukkonen I, Niedermann S & Wiersberg T

(2013) Noble Gas Signature of Tertiary Alkaline Basalts and Xenoliths from Central Europe
Kochergina Y, Niedermann S, Rapprich V & Magna T

(2011) Approaching a Consistent Set of Cosmogenic 3He, 21Ne and 10Be Production Rates
Niedermann S & Fenton C

(2011) Neon Identifies Two Billion Year Old Fluid Component in Kaapvaal Craton
Lippmann-Pipke J, Sherwood Lollar B, Niedermann S, Stroncik NA, Naumann R, van Heerden E & Onstott TC

(2010) Carbon Isotopic and Noble Gas Compositions of Quartz-Hosted Gas-Rich Fluid Inclusions from the Lower Saxony Basin, Germany
Lüders V, Plessen B & Niedermann S

(2009) The SP Basalt Flow: A New Primary Calibration Site for Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Fenton C, Niedermann S & Goethals M

(2009) The Compatibility of He during Mantle Melting – Constraints from Noble Gas Systematics of OIBs and MORBs
Stroncik N & Niedermann S

(2009) Evidence for a High 3He or Low 10Be Production Rate from Cosmogenic Nuclide Cross-Calibration
Niedermann S, Goethals M & Pilz P

(2009) Denudation Rates for Dolerites Across Southern Africa Determined with Cosmogenic Noble Gas Nuclides
Decker J, Niedermann S & de Wit M

(2008) The Mode of Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints from He, Ne, Ar Isotope and Abundance Systematics
Stroncik NA, Niedermann S, Haase K, Hoernle K, Hauff F & Werner R

(2007) Novel Cosmogenic Iosotope Tools and Progress Towards Historic Time-Scales
Schaefer JM, Korschinek G, Faestermann T, Knie K, Finckel R, Serifiddin F, Herzog G, Winckler G, Schluechter C & Niedermann S

(2007) Assessing the Relative Production Rates of Cosmogenic 3He and 21Ne in Olivine, Pyroxene and Quartz
Niedermann S, Pilz P & Goethals M

(2007) Cosmogenic Nuclide Intercalibration and Erosion Rate Study on Fault Scarps of the Bishop Tuff, CA, USA
Goethals M, Niedermann S, Hetzel R & Fenton C

(2007) Cosmogenic 21Ne/3He in Olivines and Pyroxenes from a Pleistocene Basalt Flow, Western Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA
Fenton C, Niedermann S, Goethals M & Schneider B

(2007) Helium and Neon Isotopes as Mantle Tracers
Stroncik N, Niedermann S & Haase K

(2006) Free gases as tracers for mantle-related geodynamic processes in the European Cenozoic rift system
Bräuer K, Kämpf H, Niedermann S & Strauch G

(2002) Helium Isotopic Composition of Fluid Inclusions Hosted in Massive Sulfides from Modern Hydrothermal Systems
Lüders V, Niedermann S & Halbach P

(2002) 21Ne Versus 10Be Surface Exposure Ages of Quartzite: A Comparison
Hetzel R, Niedermann S, Ivy-Ochs S, Kubik PW, Tao M & Gao B

(2002) Improving the Distinction of Cosmogenic 21Ne from Other Neon Components in Quartz
Niedermann S, Hermanns R & Hetzel R

(2002) Fluid-Rock Interaction of Kimberlites on the Base of their Noble Gas Composition
Wiersberg T, Niedermann S & Erzinger J

(2002) MORB-Like 3He/4He Ratios in Olivines from the Back-Arc of the South American Central Volcanic Zone
Pilz P, Hammerschmidt K & Niedermann S

(2002) Geochemical Characteristics of the Mantle Plume at the Eifel
Griesshaber E, Niedermann S, Schulte U, Möller P & Dulski P

(2000) A Revised Value for the Production Rate of Cosmogenic 21Ne in Quartz
Niedermann S

(2000) A Clusius Column in the Crust? Anomalous Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Exhalations from the East Carpathians, Romania
Tilmann A, Niedermann S & Erzinger J

(2000) Noble Gas Investigations of Early Proterozoic Lamproites from the Eastern Baltic Shield
Wiersberg T, Niedermann S, Erzinger J, Levsky LK & Lokhov KI

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