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All abstracts by Megan Newcombe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Re-evaluating Bulk H Measurements of Aubrites Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Peterson L, Newcombe M, Nielsen SG, Alexander CMO, Wang J, Klein F & Bekaert DV

(2023) 3D Diffusion of Water in Melt-Inclusion-Bearing Olivine Phenocrysts
Mutch EJF, Newcombe M & Rudge JF

(2023) Variability of Magma Decompression Rates during the 1666 CE Eruption of Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA, USA
Kim K, Newcombe M, Peterson L, Walowski K, Clynne M & Wang J

(2014) Chemical Zonation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Guan Y, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

(2013) The Petrochemistry of Jake_M: A Martian Mugearite
Stolper EM, Baker MB, Cousin A, Fisk M, Gellert R, King PL, Maurice S, McLennan SM, Minitti ME, Newcombe M, Sautter V, Schmidt ME, Treiman AH & Wiens RC

(2012) The nanoSIMS as a Tool to Study Zonation Around/In Melt Inclusions
Le Voyer M, Newcombe M, Stolper EM & Eiler JM

(2011) Volatile and Major Element Zonation within Melt Inclusions: A Natural Diffusion Experiment
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Guan Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

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