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All abstracts by Hanna Nekvasil in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Azeotropic Control of Plagioclase Crystallization: Implications for Basalt Generation
Schaub DR, Catalano T, Nekvasil H & Lindsley D

(2018) Magmatic Vapor and the Martian Surface: An Experimental Exploration
Nekvasil H & DiFrancesco N

(2014) Reconsidering the Origin of Lunar Highlands Lithologies: Insights from Plagioclase
Nekvasil H, Coraor A, Lindsley D & DiFrancesco N

(2014) Determination of Anion Order in F-Cl Apatite via Multinuclear Solid-State NMR & X-Ray Crystallography
Vaughn J, Lindsley D, Hughes J, Nekvasil H & Phillips B

(2014) The Role of Chlorine in the Degassing of Alkalies during Flash Melting of Chondrules
Ustunisik G, Ebel D & Nekvasil H

(2010) The Influence of Magmatism and Magmatic Fluids on the Geochemical Evolution of the Martian Crust
Ustunisik G, Nekvasil H & McCubbin F

(2010) The Next Generation of Petrologic Study of Lunar Compositions: Exploring the Effects of Water, Cl, F, S and the Fluid Exsolution Processes that Have Affected their Distribution
Nekvasil H, McCubbin F & Ustunisik G

(2010) Quantitative SIMS Analysis of OH in Lunar Apatite: Implications for Water in the Lunar Interior
McCubbin F, Steele A, Hauri E & Nekvasil H

(2009) Experimental Constraints on Igneous Crustal Stratigraphy in Martian Volcanic Provinces
Woerner W, Coraor E, McCubbin F, Nekvasil H & Lindsley D

(2009) Relating Martian Igneous Lithologies
Nekvasil H, McCubbin F, Harrington A & Woerner W

(2009) A Method for Estimating Relative Volatile Abundances in Planetary Magmas from Apatite
McCubbin F & Nekvasil H

(2007) Kaersutite in the Chassigny Martian Meteorite: How Much Water?
McCubbin F, Nekvasil H, Smirnov A & Lindsley D

(2002) The Role of Dissolved Water in the Compositional Evolution of Anorogenic Magmas
Nekvasil H, Lindsley D, Dondolini A, Horn J, Litvin V & Rossier L

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