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All abstracts by Kenneth H. Nealson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Metabolic Diversity of Hyperalkaliphilic Microbial Communities Associated with Serpentinization at The Cedars
Suzuki S, Ishii S, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Kuenen JG & Nealson KH

(2017) Early Temporal Microbial Succession of Marine Chemolithoautotrophic Communities on Iron-Sulfides
Barco R, Nealson K & Emerson D

(2015) Metal Oxide Reduction to Microbial Fuel Cells and Growth on Electrodes
Nealson KH

(2015) Investigation of Novel Putative Iron and Sulfur Oxidizing Genes Involved in Extracellular Electron Transfer from the Genomes of Cathode-Oxidizing Microbe
Rowe A, Lam B, Barr C, Bird L & Nealson K

(2014) Microbial Manganese Reduction and its Mineralogical Record
Johnson J, Savalia P, Kocar B, Webb S, Nealson K & Fischer W

(2014) Enriching Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria via an Electrochemical-Sulfide-Oxidizing Process on Carbon Electrodes
Li S-L & Nealson K

(2014) Microbial Acceleration of Fe-Silicate Mineral Dissolution via Siderophore Production
Torres M, West AJ & Nealson K

(2014) Hydrocarbon Sources at a Site of Active Continental Serpentinization: The Cedars, California, USA
Rietze A, Morrill PL, Kavanagh H, Kuenen JG, Suzuki S, Eigenbrode JL, Nealson KH, Sherwood Lollar B & Fogel ML

(2012) Sourcing Hydrocarbons at Two Continental Sites of Present-Day Serpentinization: The Tablelands, NL, CAN and The Cedars, CA, USA
Morrill P, Rietze A, Szponar N, Kuenen JG, Suzuki-Ishii S & Nealson K

(2010) Redox Transformations of Uranium Near the Mineral-Microbe Interface
Kemner K, Boyanov M, O'Loughlin E, Sholto-Douglas D, Skinner K, Lai B, Kelly S, Cook R, Carpenter E & Nealson K

(2009) Genomics and Geochemistry: Promises and Reality
Nealson K

(2009) Survival and Growth in an Ultrabasic Environment: How do They do it?
Nealson KH, Johnson O, Kuenen G, Ishii S & Lasken R

(2008) Deep UV Native Fluorescence and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy for Life-Detection
Bhartia R, Hug W, Reid R, Salas E, Nealson K & Lane A

(2008) Microbial Sensing of, and Interaction with, Metal Oxides and Other Solid Surfaces
Nealson K

(2008) Isotopic Evidence of Microbial Methane in Ultrabasic Reducing Waters at a Continental Site of Active Serpentinization in N. California
Morrill P, Johnson O, Cotton J, Eigenbrode J, Nealson K, Sherwood Lollar B & Fogel M

(2008) In Search of the Microbe/Solid Interface: A New Approach Using Super-Resolution Vertical Scanning Interferometry Measurements
Nealson K, Waters MS, El-Naggar M, Fischer C, Arvidson R & Luttge A

(2008) Location, Location, Location: Does Surface Deformation (Both Elastic and Inelastic) Affect Microbial Attachment?
Sturm C, Waters MS, Arvidson R, Nealson K, Luttge A & Udwadia F

(2007) Bacterial Interactions with Solid Substrates: Applications for Microbial Fuel Cells, Carbonate Surfaces and Metal Oxide Reduction
Bretschger O, Obraztsova A, Sturm C, Zhang L, Gorby Y, Chang IS, Kim BH, Mansfeld F, Nealson K & Luttge A

(2007) Bugs in Stress: Microbial Control of Surface Reactivity in a Stress Field
Sturm C, Waters M, Arvidson R, El-Naggar M, Goodman S, Nealson K, Luttge A & Udwadia F

(2005) X-Ray Microprobe Investigations of Mineral-Metal-Microbe Interfaces
Kemner K, Kelly S, Boyanov M, Lai B, Glasauer S, Langley S, Kulpa C, Beveridge T & Nealson K

(2003) The Microbial Community Structure of Methane Hydrate Bearing Deep Subseafloor Sediments in Cascadia Margin (ODP Leg204)
Nunoura T, Takai K, Nealson K, Horikoshi K, Delwiche M & Colwell F

(2003) Subseafloor Microbial Diversity in the Peru Margin (ODP Leg. 201)
Inagaki F, Suzuki M, Nealson K, Horikoshi K, D’Hondt S & Jørgensen B

(2002) Experimental Constraints on Fe Isotope Fractionations during Biogeochemical Cycling of Fe
Johnson C, Beard B, Welch S, Croal L, Newman D & Nealson K

(2002) Endolithic Genetic Record of Ancient Microbes in Cretaceous Black Shale
Inagaki F, Okada H, Tsapin A, Nealson K & Horikoshi K

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