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All abstracts by Clive R. Neal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) On the Iron Isotope Heterogeneity of Lunar Highlands
Poitrasson F, Zambardi T, Magna T & Neal CR

(2018) Early Earth Signatures Recorded in the Source of Large Igneous Provinces
Rizo H, Poirier A, Puchtel IS, Vlastelic I, Moine B, Forte A, Neal C & Simonetti A

(2011) Lithium Isotope Composition of Lunar Crust – Rapid Crystallization and Post-Solidification Quiescence?
Magna T & Neal C

(2011) A New Moon
Neal C

(2010) Characterization of a Potential Ilmenite Reference Material
Donohue PH, Simonetti A & Neal CR

(2010) Apollo 16 Impact Melt vs Basalt: Textural and Chemical Analyses
Fagan A & Neal C

(2010) Investigating the Petrogenesis of Apollo 12 Pigeonite Suite Basalts
O'Sullivan K & Neal C

(2010) The Moon 40 Years after Apollo: Why We Need to go Back
Neal C

(2009) On Lithium Isotope Systematics and Abundances in Lunar Mare Basalts
Magna T, Neal CR, Tomascak PB, Bourdon B, Oberli F & Day JMD

(2005) The Platinum Group Element and Re-Os Isotopic Composition of the Emperor Seamount Chain
Shafer J, Neal C & Brandon A

(2005) Crystal Size Distributions as a Guide for Microanalysis: An Example from Detroit Seamount
Kinman W & Neal C

(2005) Evidence for Garnet in the Lunar Mantle
Neal C & Shearer C

(2002) Highly Siderophile Elements and Planetary Accretion
Jones J, Neal C & Ely J

(2001) The Complexities of Platinum-Group Element (PGE) Fractionation in Basalts
Neal CR

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