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All abstracts by Hiroshi Naraoka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Sketch for a Photolytic History of Organic Molecules in the Solar System
Orthous-Daunay F-R, Piani L, Flandinet L, Thissen R, Wolters C, Vuitton V, Poch O, Moynier F, Sugawara I, Naraoka H & Tachibana S

(2019) Detection of Nucleobases and Dipeptides in Organic Residues Formed by Photochemical Reactions in Interstellar Ice Analogs
Oba Y, Takano Y, Naraoka H, Watanabe N & Kouchi A

(2018) Amino Acid Synthesis from Glycolaldehyde and Ammonia
Koga T & Naraoka H

(2017) Variations in the Deuterium Enrichment of Amino Acids Formed by Photolysis of Ice Mixtures Containing Mono-Deuterated Methanol at 10 K
Oba Y, Takano Y, Naraoka H, Watanabe N & Kouchi A

(2017) Chemical Imaging of Organic Compounds in the Murchison Meteorite by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Coupled with Orbitrap MS
Hashiguchi M & Naraoka H

(2017) Soluble High Molecular Alkylated N-Heterocycles in the CM and CR Chondrites
Naraoka H & Hashiguchi M

(2016) Sulfur Geochemistry of Marine Sediments at the Conrad Rise of the Southern Ocean Since the Last Glacial
Sakai N, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H & Ikehara M

(2016) Geochemistry of 2.7Ga Shallow-Facies Shales in Stromatolitic Carbonates (ABDP #10) from Pilbara, Western Australia
Tomiuka T, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Abe G, Yamaguchi A, Nedachi M & Ikehara M

(2016) Geochemical Cycling of Fe, S, C, N, and Mo in the 3.2 Ga Ocean: Constraints from DXCL-Dp Black Shales
Yamaguchi KE, Kobayashi Y, Shena A, Kobayashi D, Fujita S, Nagashima A, Sakamoto R, Naraoka H, Yamagata Y, Hirata T, Ikehara M, Ito T & Kiyokawa S

(2016) Ultrahigh-Resolution Analyses of Trace Organic Compounds for Planetary Materials
Naraoka H

(2016) Carbon Isotope Ratios in Plant Wax N-Alkanes in Sediments from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea Since the Last Glacial Period
Mohamed KSS, Naraoka H & Okazaki Y

(2016) Olivine Promotes Amino Acid Synthesis Under Alkaline Conditions at 60 C°
Koga T & Naraoka H

(2016) Coordinated NanoSIMS and iMScope Analyses for Extraterrestrial Organics in Murchison Matrix
Ito M, Kebukawa Y, Ijiri A & Naraoka H

(2014) Various Alkylpyridine Homologs in the Murchison Meteorite
Naraoka H & Yamashita Y

(2013) 100% Decomposition of Diatomous Organic Carbon during Settlement Through Ocean Columns
Yasuda S, Hara Y, Naraoka H, Takahashi K & Akagi T

(2013) Record of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction during 50~210 kyr ago in the Submarine Hypersaline Meedee Lake, off Crete Island, Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Minami H, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Murayama M, Ikehara M & Tokuyama H

(2013) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes for all S-Bearing Components of Archean Sediments
Naraoka H, Moriwaki E & Poulson S

(2011) Meteoritic Organics as a Carrier of the Oxygen Isotope Anomaly in the Solar System
Hashizume K, Takahata N, Naraoka H & Sano Y

(2008) δ13C and δD of Archaeal Lipids in Gas Hydrate-Bearing Deep Sediments
Kaneko M & Naraoka H

(2008) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of SO2 by UV Radiation with Narrowly-Defined Wavelengths
Naraoka H & Poulson S

(2006) Carbon and hydrogen isotopic fractionations of organic compounds during UV degradation
Oba Y & Naraoka H

(2004) Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Sterols in Riverinemarine Sediments
Chikaraishi Y & Naraoka H

(2004) D15N Signatures of Late Archean Shales from Two Drilling Cores, Hamersley, Western Australia
Naraoka H, Watanabe Y, Nedachi M & Ohmoto H

(2003) Carbon Isotope Fractionation of Monoaromatic Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Ethylenes during Oxidation by Fenton’s Reagent
Poulson S, Chikaraishi Y & Naraoka H

(2003) D13C and δD Evidence for Two Series of PAH Formation in the Natural Environments
Naraoka H

(2003) Carbon Isotopic Ratios of Sterols in Steryl Chlorin Esters in Lake Baikal Sediment
Nara F, Naraoka H, Soma M, Soma Y, Tani Y & Kawai T

(2003) A Different Behavior in Isotope Exchange of Hydrogen between Fluoranthene and Pyrene
Oba Y & Naraoka H

(2003) Isotope Signatures of Fatty Acid at a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal System
Suzuki Y, Naraoka H & Yamanaka T

(2003) Bacterial Activity in Lake Baikal during Late Quaternary as Revealed by Carbon Isotope Composition of Biomakers
Watanabe T, Naraoka H, Nishimura M & Kawai T

(2002) Hydrogen and Carbon Isotope Fractionation during Lipid Biosynthesis of Terrestrial Plants
Chikaraishi Y & Naraoka H

(2002) The Early Evolution of the Archean Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycle
Yamaguchi K, Naraoka H, Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

(2002) DD of Individual PAHs from the Murchison and an Antarctic Carbonaceous Chondrite
Naraoka H, Mita H, Komiya M & Shimoyama A

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