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All abstracts by Thomas F. Nägler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Investigating the Contribution of Atmospheric Sources to the Mo Surface Cycle
O'Sullivan E, Nägler TF, Waber N, Pierret M-C & Kaufmann AKC

(2019) The Potential Global Contribution of Marine Aerosol to the Mo Cycling in the Critical Zone
Nägler TF, Pierret M-C, Voegelin AR, Pettke T, Aschwanden L & Villa IM

(2019) Unprecedented High δ98Mo of the Ottawa River: Implications for Marine Palaeoredox Reconstruction
O'Sullivan E, Nägler T & Babechuk M

(2016) 40K-40Ca – 87Rb-87Sr Age Comparison: Constraints on the 40K Decay Constant
Naumenko-Dèzes M, Nägler T, Mezger K & Villa I

(2016) The Complete Mo Isotope Balance of a Small Catchment; Well Almost..
Nägler TF, Voegelin AR, Pierret M-C & Stille P

(2014) Barium Isotopic Heterogeneity of Seawater Inferred from Coral Skeleton Data
Pretet C, Moeller K, Samankassou E, Reynaud S & Nägler TF

(2013) Barium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Diffusion Through Silica Hydrogel: Experimental Determination of Kinetic Isotope Effects at Low Temperatures
Moeller K, Nägler TF, Dietzel M & Böttcher ME

(2013) Magmatic and Linked Hydrothermal Processes Fractionate Mo Isotopes
Greber ND, Voegelin AR, Pettke T & Nägler TF

(2013) High Precision Determination of the Terrestrial 40K Abundance
Naumenko M, Mezger K, Nägler T & Villa I

(2013) A Multi-Isotope (H, O, C, S, B, Mg, Ca, Ba) Approach to Study Diagenesis in Black Sea-Type Sediments
Böttcher ME, Lapham L, Gussone N, Struck U, Buhl D, Immenhauser A, Möller K, Petret C, Nägler T, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Huckriede H, Halas S & Samankassou E

(2012) A New Look on the Barium Cycle: Stable Barium Isotope Fractionation in ODP Sediments and Calibration Experiments
Bottcher ME, von Allmen K, Paytan A, Neubert N, Brumsack H-J, Samankassou E & Nagler TF

(2011) Marine Mo Isotope Inventory: The Role of Igneous Rock Weathering
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Neubert N, Pettke T, Steinmann M & Pourret O

(2011) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Pelagic Euxinia: Evidence from the Modern Black and Baltic Seas
Nägler TF, Neubert N, Böttcher ME, Dellwig O & Schnetger B

(2011) Reconnaissance Trace Element and Os-Mo-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Late Archean Black Shales in the Carajás Iron Ore District, Brazil
Lehmann B, Creaser R, Nägler T, Voegelin A, Belyatsky B, Cabral AR, Galbiatti H & Seabra A

(2009) Molybdenum Isotopes Record Past Instabilities of the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ)
Rostek F, Bard E, Neubert N & Nägler T

(2009) Global Shallow Marine Euxinia Triggering the Latest Permian Mass Extinction: Evidence from Mo-Isotopes
Silva-Tamayo JC, Nagler T, Newton R, Wignall P, Grice K & Böttcher M

(2009) Ca-Isotopes in Recent and Ancient Cements and Microbial Precipitates
von Allmen K, Nägler TF & Samankassou E

(2009) Mo Isotopes in Archean Carbonates: Ocean Water Evolution, Atmospheric Oxygen and Sulfidity Levels
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF & Beukes NJ

(2009) Riverrun, Past Eve and Adam’s: Molybdenums Wake
Villa IM, Greber N, Haudenschild E, Heri AR, Hofmann B, Neubert N & Nagler TF

(2008) Refining Sources and Sinks in the Global Molybdenum Cycle
Neubert N, Heri AR, Nägler TF, Böttcher ME & Villa IM

(2008) Mo Isotopic Composition of Pelagic Ooze from ODP Legs 198 and 208: Investigating a Global Signature
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF & Samankassou E

(2007) Non-Skeletal Carbonate Precipitates: Indicators of Molybdenum Isotopic Seawater Composition?
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Samankassou E, Bahamonde JR & Villa IM

(2007) Massive H2S Release to Surface Waters at the Precambrian-Cambrian (PC-C) Boundary: Evidence from Mo Isotopes
Wille M, Nägler TF, Schröder S, Lehmann B & Kramers JD

(2007) Global Ca-Isotope Signatures in post-Snowball Earth Cap-Carbonates
Silva-Tamayo JC, Nagler T, Villa IM, Kyser K, Sial A, Narbonne G, James N & da Silva Filho M

(2006) Evidence for a gradual rise of oxygen between 2.6 and 2.5 Ga from Mo isotopes and Re-PGE signatures
Wille M, Kramers JD, Nägler TF, Beukes NJ, Meisel T, Voegelin AR, Schröder S & Lacassie JP

(2005) Molybdenum and Molybdenum Isotope Diagenesis in Continental Margin Settings: Geochemical Balance and Paleoproxy Implications
McManus J, Siebert C, Poulson R, Nägler T, Berelson W & Severmann S

(2004) Fractionation of Sr (d88Sr) and Ca (δ44Ca) during Biogenic and Inorganic Prepicpitation of Calcium Carbonate
Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Gussone N, Böhm F, Bock B & Nägler T

(2004) Biological Fractionation of Mo Isotopes during N2 Fixation by Trichodesmium sp. IMS 101
Nagler T, Mills M & Siebert C

(2004) Mo Isotope Fractionation in the Marine Environment: Theoretical Considerations
Wille M, Nägler T & Kramers J

(2004) A Ghost Haunts Mass Spectrometry: Real Isotope Fractionation or Analytical Paradox?
Hippler D, Villa I, Nägler T & Kramers J

(2002) Oceanic Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation: Diagenesis and Hydrothermal Ridge-Flank Alteration
McManus J, N‰gler T, Siebert C, Wheat G & Hammond D

(2002) The Oceanic Mo Cycle over the Past 60Ma
Siebert C, N‰gler TF, von Blanckenburg F & Kramers JD

(2002) Seasonal Variations in a “greenhouse” Earth: Cretaceous Coastal Sea-Surface Temperatures Inferred from 18O/16O, Mg/Ca and 44Ca/40Ca Ratios
Immenhauser A, N‰gler T, Steuber T & Hippler D

(2002) D44Ca in N. Pachy (Left): A New SST-Proxy in Polar Regions
Hippler D, Gussonne N, Darling K, Eisenhauer A & Nägler T

(2002) Double Spikes: The Gourmets‚ Choice
Nagler T

(2000) Natural Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation Determined by Double-Spike MC-ICP-MS Mo Isotope Ratio Measurements
Siebert C, Nagler TF & Kramers J

(2000) High Precision Re-Os Isotope Determinations of Natural Rock and Mineral Samples Using Multicollector ICP-MS
Schoenberg R, Nagler TF & Kramers J

(2000) *44Ca-Temperature Calibration on Fossil and Cultured G. Sacculifer: A New Proxy for the Reconstruction of Palaeo Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Fluctuations
Nagler TF & Eisenhauer A

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