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All abstracts by Bramley J Murton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Ocean Ridge Magma Generation Rates at Slow-Spreading Ridges Favour Hess-Type Oceanic Crust
van Calsteren P, Murton B & Searle R

(2011) Stable Isotope (C-N) and Noble Gas (Ne-Ar) Evidence for Recycled Plume Components at the CIR
Barry P, Hilton D, Fueri E, Murton B, Hemond C & Dyment J

(2011) Evidence of Mantle Heterogeneity Underneath Slow-Spreading Ridges? Case Study at 45°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Schroth N & Murton BJ

(2011) Central Indian Ridge Versus Réunion Hotspot: Do Interaction Processes Account for on and off Axis Geochemical Observations?
Hemond C, Janin M, Murton B, Füri E, Hilton D & Dyment J

(2009) Ridge-Hotspot Interaction at the Central Indian Ridge, 20°S: New Helium Isotope Results
Füri E, Hilton D, Dyment J, Hémond C & Murton B

(2009) From Arthur Holmes to Harry Hess: How Melting of the Mantle Controls Amagmatic Crustal Accretion
Unsworth S, Murton B & Taylor R

(2009) Nitrogen Isotopes and Plume-Ridge Interaction: The Central Indian Ridge and the Reykjanes Ridge
Barry P, Hilton D, Sano Y, Takahata N, Murton B, Füri E, Hemond C & Dyment J

(2009) Indian Ridges, Hotspots, Interaction: Réunion Central Indian Ridge and Amstersdam St Paul Southeast Indian Ridge Cases
Hémond C, Janin M, Maia M, Füri E, Hilton D, Murton B & Dyment J

(2009) The Role of Volatiles on the Magma Delivery along the Lucky Strike Segment, 37ºN on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Ferreira P, Dixon J, Murton B & Boulter C

(2007) Melt Supply and Magmatic Evolution at a Large Central MOR Volcano Located in the Lucky Strike Segment
Ferreira P, Murton B, Dixon J & Boulter C

(2005) Mixing Two Enriched and Distinct Mantle Sources beneath Lucky Strike Segment, 37º N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Ferreira P, Murton B & Boulter C

(2004) Geochemical Characteristics of Basaltic Lavas from Lucky Strike Central Volcanic Complex
Ferreira P, Murton B, Kamenetsky V & Munha J

(2002) Small Scale Geochemical Variability in the Basalts from the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field
Tavares Ferreira PL, Murton B & Munha J

(2002) Melt and Source Diversity Under the Ultra Slow Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge
Font L, Murton B, Roberts S & Tindle A

(2000) Coupled He-Pb Isotope Relationships along the Reykjanes Ridge with Implications for Plume Structure and the Helium-Paradox
Hilton DR, Thirlwall MF, Taylor RN & Murton BJ

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