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All abstracts by Masafumi Murayama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Different Depths of Sedimentary and Fluid Origins in Submarine Mud Volcanoes off Tanegashima Island, Japan
Ijiri A, Setoguchi R, Hamada Y, Mitsutome Y, Toki T, Hagino K, Murayama M & Inagaki F

(2021) High-Resolution Analyzed Sedimentary Records Reveal the Sedimentary Changes in the Continental Slope of the Gulf of Alaska
Mondal MN, Horikawa K, Nejigaki K & Murayama M

(2018) Isotopic Composition and Concentration of Molybdenum and Tungsten in Geological Materials and the Japan Sea Sediments: New Proxies for Paleoceanography
Tsujisaka M, Takano S, Murayama M & Sohrin Y

(2017) Estimation of the Paleoenvironment Based on the Concentration and Isotope Ratio of Molybdenum and Tungsten in the Japan Sea Sediment
Tsujisaka M, Takano S, Hirata T, Murayama M & Sohrin Y

(2016) Adsorbed Methane in a Miocene Methane-Seep Carbonate from Joetsu, Japan
Miyajima Y, Ijiri A & Murayama M

(2016) Estimation of Organic Content in the Quaternary Hemipelagic Sediment from Yamato Ridge Based on Br Intensity by XRF Core Scanner
Seki A, Tada R, Kurokawa S, Murayama M, Matsuzaki T, Murray RW, Alvarez Zarikian CA & Scientists E3

(2016) Paleoceanographic Changes Inferred from Organic Matter Sedimentary Record in the Northeastern Arabian Sea over the Past 110, 000 Years
Murayama M, Yamashita K & Harada N

(2013) Record of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction during 50~210 kyr ago in the Submarine Hypersaline Meedee Lake, off Crete Island, Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Minami H, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Murayama M, Ikehara M & Tokuyama H

(2008) Glacial-Interglacial Oceanographic Variations over the Past 340, 000 Years at the Mid-Latitude of Southwest Pacific Based on a Multi-Proxy Approach
Ho S-L, Nuita M, Yamamoto M, Minagawa M, Sagawa T, Horikawa K, Murayama M & Kato Y

(2003) Variation of Alkenone Sea Surface Temperature in the Kuroshio Region of the Northwest Pacific during the Last 30 kyrs
Ikehara M, Matsuda A, Hokanishi N, Murayama M, Yasuda H & Kawamura K

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