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All abstracts by Manuel Munoz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Behavior of Fe and S during Serpentinite Dehydration
Merkulova M, Munoz M, Vidal O & Brunet F

(2015) Do MORBs Record the Oxidation State of Earth’s Upper Mantle?
France L, Mary B, Deloule E, Munoz M, Koepke J, Letourneur L, Ildefonse B, Bolfan Casanova N, Devouard B & Deschamps F

(2015) Ce(III) and Ce(IV) Distribution and Fractionation during Lateritisation: Insights from XRF/ XAS
Janots E, Bernier F, Brunet F, Muñoz M, Trcera N, Berger A & Lanson M

(2014) Evolution of Iron Redox State in Serpentine from Mid-Ocean Ridge to Subduction Zone
Andreani M, Debret B & Munoz M

(2013) REE Microdistribution in Laterite from Madagascar
Janots E, Brunet F, Berger A, Bernier F, Munoz M, Lanson M, Trcera N & Gnos E

(2013) Iron Oxidation State in Serpentine during Subduction: Implications on the Nature of the Released Fluids at Depth
Debret B, Andreani M, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Julie C, Nicollet C & Schwartz S

(2011) From Compositional to P-T-Deformation-T(Relative Age)-Redox Maps at the Thin Section Scale
Vidal O, Lanari P, Dubacq B, Munoz M & Lewin E

(2011) Ferric Iron and Water Incorporation in Wadsleyite Under Hydrous and Oxidizing Conditions
Bolfan N, Munoz M, McCammon C, Deloule E, Ferot A, Demouchy S, France L, Andrault D & Pascarelli S

(2011) Iron Speciation in Serpentine during Oceanic-Type Serpentinization
Andreani M, Munoz M, Marcaillou C & Delacour A

(2011) Weathering Effects on the Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition of the New Caledonia Ophiolite
Ulrich M, Muñoz M, Guillot S, Chauvel C, Cluzel D & Picard C

(2010) Experimental Evidence for Perovskite and Post-Pv Coexistence throughout the Whole D" Region
Andrault D, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Guignot N, Perrillat J-P, Aquilanti G & Pascarelli S

(2006) Study of Labile Cd pool in contaminated soil using Stable Isotope Analysis, Radioactive Isotope Dilution and Sequential Extraction
Sivry Y, Riotte J, Munoz M, Sappin-Didier V & Dupré B

(2005) In situ Determination of the Partitioning of Pb, Rb, Sr between Hydrous Melts and Aqueous Fluids at High Pressure and Temperature
Bureau H, Menez B, Valerie M, Somogyi A, Munoz M, Simionovici A, Massare D, Burchard M, Kubsky S & Shaw C

(2004) Zn Isotopic Composition of Fumarolic Gases from Merapi Volcano (Indonesia), Preliminary Results
Nonell A, Toutain J, Polve M, Munoz M, Viers J, Sortino F, Gainville R & Dupre B

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