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All abstracts by Robert Mortimer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Neutralisation of Red Mud Leachate: Mineralogical and Trace Metal Effects
Burke I, Peacock C, Lockwood C, Stewart D, Mortimer R, Ward M, Renforth P, Gruiz K & Mayes W

(2013) Impact of Suspended Inorganic Particles on Phosphorus Cycling in the Yellow (Huanghe) River
Pan G, Krom M, Zhang M, Zhang X & Mortimer R

(2013) Arsenic Release from Red Mud Affected Soil-Water Systems
Lockwood C, Mortimer R, Stewart D, Mayes W & Burke I

(2011) Geomicrobiology of Hyperalkaline Cr(VI) Contaminated Land
Whittleston R, Burke I, Stewart D & Mortimer R

(2009) Biostimulation of Nitrate, Iron and Chromate Reduction at Hyperalkaline Conditions
Whittleston R, Stewart D, Mortimer R & Burke I

(2008) Microbially Mediated Chromate Reduction in Alkaline Soils
Burke IT, Stewart DI & Mortimer RJG

(2005) DGT, Microsensor and Molecular Genetic Characterization of Biogeochemical Processes in an Extreme Arctic Environment
Benning LG, Mortimer RGJ & Steele A

(2004) Technetium Solubility during the Onset of Progressive Anoxia
Morris K, Burke I, Boothman C, Lloyd J & Mortimer R

(2004) Technetium Remobilisation during the Reoxidation of Tc-Radiolabeled Sediments
Burke I, Boothman C, Livens F, Llyod J, Mortimer R & Morris K

(2004) Biogeochemical Reduction of U(VI) in a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
Fox J, Mortimer R, Beadle I, Humphreys P & Morris K

(2003) Anoxic Nitrification in Marine Sediments
Mortimer R, Bartlett R, Morris K & Krom M

(2000) A New Conceptual Model for Microbial Processes in Sediments
Mortimer RJG, Hayes P, Krom M, Davies I, Davison W, Zhang H, Phillips C & Prosser J

(2000) High Volumetric Resolution Reveals Inter-Dependence of Metal Mobilisation in Sediments
Zhang H, Davison W, Mortimer RJG & Krom MD

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