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All abstracts by Yuichi Morishita in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Magmatic Evolution of Lunar Highland Rocks Estimated from Trace Elements of Plagioclase in Regolith
Togashi S, Kita NT, Tomiya A & Morishita Y

(2009) Rapid Progression of Kyanite-Sillimanite Type Metamorphism in the Unazuki Area, Southwest Japan
Horie K, Tsutsumi Y, Cho M, Hidaka H & Morishita Y

(2009) The Genesis of Phosphatic Nodules in the Toyoma Formation, Northeastern Japan
Morikiyo T & Morishita Y

(2008) 26Al-26Mg Systematics and Petrological Study of Chondrules in CR Chondrites
Kurahashi E, Kita N, Nagahara H & Morishita Y

(2007) Mass Transfer by Fluid and Duration of Oxygen Isotope Exchange during Contact Metamorphism at Hirao-Dai, Japan
Fukuyama M, Morishita Y & Nishiyama T

(2006) Origin of ore-forming fluids at the Kalahari Goldridge deposit, Kraaipan Greenstone belt, South Africa: Evidence from strontium, carbon and oxygen isotope signatures in carbonates
Morishita Y & Hammond NQ

(2004) Si Isotopic Fractionation at the Interfaces Among Si Phases
Morishita Y & Satoh H

(2004) Source Material of Naklite Magmas: Implications from Y000749
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N

(2004) Disturbed 26Al-26Mg System Among CAIs and Chondrules in Mildly Metamorphosed Chondrites
Kita N, Lin Y, Kimura M & Morishita Y

(2004) 26Al Ages of Ferromagnesian Chondrules of CO3.0 Yamato-81020
Kurahashi E, Kita N, Nagahara H & Morishita Y

(2003) Genetic Relation between Nakhlites and Shergottites: Implications from REE Compositions of Martian Meteorites
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N

(2003) Strontium Isotope Systematics and Tectonics of Epithermal Gold Deposits in Kyushu, Japan
Morishita Y & Nakano T

(2003) Evolution of Ureilites by 26Al Heating of the Parent Body
Kita N, Ikeda Y, Togashi S, Shimoda G, Morishita Y & Weisberg M

(2002) Role of Adakitic Magma in Producing EMI and EMII Reservoirs
Shimoda G, Nohda S & Morishita Y

(2002) Silicon Isotope Zonings in Synthesized Silicon Crystals
Morishita Y & Satoh H

(2001) Genesis of a Very Young Gold Mineralization in the Noya Geothermal Area, Kyushu, Japan
Morishita Y & Takeno N

(2001) Mechanical Control of Trace Element Partition in Plagioclase
Togashi S, Kita NT, Tomiya A, Miyagi I & Morishita Y

(2001) Trace Element Abundance in Plagioclase from the DAG-319 Polymict Ureilite
Kita NT, Togashi S, Ikeda Y & Morishita Y

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