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All abstracts by German Montes-Hernandez in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Vaterite Formation from Aqueous Carbonation of Gypsum for CO2 Capture and Utilisation
Pimentel C, Montes-Hernandez G & Van Driessche AES

(2019) Nucleation of Ca, Mg and Fe Carbonate Minerals Monitored by Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy
Montes-Hernandez G & Renard F

(2019) Fluid/rock Experiments on Allanite Alteration: Insigths on the Mobilization of REE and HFSE during Weathering
Denys A, Auzende A-L, Doan M-L, Montes-Hernandez G & Janots E

(2018) Water and Ionic Dynamics in Amorphous Carbonates Probed by Neutron and X-Ray Scattering
Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Ruta B, Jimenez M, Poloni R, Di Tommasso D, Zontone F, Waychunas GA & Montes-Hernandez G

(2017) Time-Resolved in situ Raman Spectroscopy of the Nucleation and Growth of Siderite, Magnesite and Calcite and their Precursors
Montes-Hernandez G & Renard F

(2017) Kinetic Simulation of Olivine Alteration with Simultaneous Nucleation and Growth of Lizardite and Magnesite Particles
Fritz B, Montes-Hernandez G, Clément A & Noguera C

(2015) Hydrogen Bond Dynamics in Amorphous Carbonate Precursors
Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Poloni R, Jimenez-Ruiz M, Montes-Hernandez G, Waychunas GA & Wallace AF

(2014) Kinetics of Carbon Isotopic Exchange with High Purity 12C Nano-Calcite
Gehin A, Montes-Hernandez G, Silvester E & Charlet L

(2013) New Insights on the Nucleation and Growth of Chrysotile, Magnesite, Goethite and Calcite
Montes-Hernandez G

(2013) Nucleation and Growth of Chrysotile Nanotubes: Complementary Insight from Macroscopic to Nanoscopic Measurements
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G & Janots E

(2012) Growth of Nanostructured Calcite Under Hydrothermal Conditions in Presence of Organic and Inorganic Selenium
Montes-Hernandez G, Sarret G, Hellmann R, Charlet L & Renard F

(2012) Hydrogen Abundance in Carbonaceous Chondrites from Thermogravimetric Analysis
Garenne A, Beck P, Montes-Hernandez G, Chiriac R, Toche F, Quirico E, Bonal L & Schmitt B

(2012) Experimental Study for Determination of Trace Element Sequestration in Chrysotile
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G, Janots E & Lemarchand D

(2012) Synthesis and Isotopic Characterization of High-Pure 12C Nano-Calcite
Gehin A, Montes-Hernandez G & Charlet L

(2011) Nucleation and Growth of Calcite Particles: Comparing Modelling and Experimental Approaches
Noguera C, Fritz B, Clement A & Montes-Hernandez G

(2011) Nucleation and Growth of Acicular Goethite from Ferric Hydroxide Gel Under Moderate Temperature (30 and 70℃)
Montes-Hernandez G, Beck P, Renard F, Quirico E, Lanson B, Chiriac R & Findling N

(2011) Sequestration of Trace Elements during Nucleation and Growth of Serpentine Minerals Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G & Janots E

(2008) Growth of a Se(0)/Calcite Composite Using Hydrothermal Carbonation of Ca(OH)2 Coupled to a Complex Seleno-L-Cystine Fragmentation
Montes-Hernandez G, Charlet L & Renard F

(2007) Rhombohedral Calcite Precipitation from CO2-H2O-Ca(OH)2 Slurry Under Supercritical and Gas CO2 Media
Montes-Hernandez G, Renard F, Charlet L & Pironon J

(2006) Physicochemical reactivity of a Ca-montmorillonite in a CO2-H20-NaCl medium
Montes-Hernandez GM, Pironon J, Villieras F, Ruck R & Richard L

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