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All abstracts by Sergi Molins in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Mineral Precipitation Driven Alteration of Fractured Porous Media – A Pore Scale Perspective
Deng H, Poonoosamy J & Molins S

(2020) A Multi-Scale Investigation of the Dynamics of Co-dissolution and Precipitation at Water-Rock Interface
Deng H, Molins S, Jenna P & Klinkenberg M

(2019) Pore-Scale Investigation of Precipitation Driven Diffusivity Change at Column-Scale
Deng H, Molins S, Claret F, Tournassat C & Steefel C

(2019) Hybrid Multiscale Model for Evolving Porous Media
Molins S, Trebotich D, Deng H & Steefel C

(2017) Impacts of Heterogeneities on Fracture Alteration: Investigations Using a Reduced Dimension Reactive Transport Model
Deng H, Steefel C, Molins S & DePaolo D

(2017) Mineral Nucleation and its Role in Governing Permeability/Diffusivity Modification
Steefel C, Yang L & Molins S

(2017) Pore-Scale and Multi-Scale Models for Dissolution in Heterogeneous Media
Molins S & Trebotich D

(2016) Simulating Fracture Alteration Caused by CO2-water-Rock Interactions
Deng H, Steefel C, Molins S & DePaolo D

(2016) Incorporating Mineralogical Heterogeneity in Pore Scale Models Using a Direct Numerical Simulation Approach
Molins S, Trebotich D, Swift A & Steefel C

(2015) Code Interoperability in Reactive Transport Modeling: The Adaptive Mesh Refinement Example
Molins S, Day M, Johnson J & Steefel C

(2015) Multiple Scale (and Multi-Scale) Reactive Transport Modeling of Terrestrial Systems
Steefel C, Trebotich D, Molins S, Maxwell R, Beisman J & Moulton D

(2014) The GEWaSC Framework: Multiscale Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical, Microbiological, and Hydrological Processes
Steefel C, Brodie E, Bouskill N, Molins S, Arora B, Yabusaki S, Karaoz U, Spycher N, Maxwell R, Trebotich D, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2014) Trait-Based Approaches to Modeling the Microbial Biogeochemistry from Terrestrial to Aquatic Ecosystems
King E, Karaoz U, Cheng Y, Tang J, Riley W, Molins S, Bouskill N & Brodie E

(2014) Benchmarking the Simulation of Microbial Cr(VI) Reduction and Cr Isotope Fractionation
Wanner C, Molins S, Druhan J, Greskowiak J, Amos R, Mayer U, Alt-Epping P & Steefel C

(2014) Modeling the Biogeochemical Response of a Flood Plain to Hydrologic Forcing
Molins S, Arora B, Spycher N, Johnson J & Steefel C

(2014) Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Reactive Subsurface
Beisman J, Maxwell R, Sitchler A, Steefel C & Molins S

(2012) Diffusion Versus Surface Reaction Control of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Kinetics at the Pore Scale
Steefel C, Trebotich D, Molins S, Yang L & Shen C

(2012) Investigation of Coupled Flow and Geochemical Reactions at the Pore Scale by Direct Numerical Simulation
Molins S, Shen C, Silin D, Steefel C & Trebotich D

(2012) Soil Vapour Characterization and Intrusion to Indoor Air: A Reactive Transport Modelling Approach
Jourabchi P, Hers I, Molins S & Lahvis M

(2011) Evaluation of Chromium Reductive Immobilization and Oxidative Re-mobilization in Flow-Through Aquifer Sediment Columns
Varadharajan C, Nico P, Yang L, Marcus M, Han R, Bill M, Larsen J, Molins S, Steefel C, Conrad M, Brodie E & Beller H

(2011) Modeling of Co-metabolic Cr(VI) Reduction Under Denitrifying Conditions
Yang L, Molins S, Steefel C & Beller H

(2011) Direct Pore-Scale Numerical Simulation of Precipitation and Dissolution
Molins S, Silin D, Trebotich D & Steefel C

(2008) Reactive Gases and Inert Gas Tracers in Vadose Zone Environmental Applications
Jones K, Singurindy O, Molins S, Beckie R, Smith L & Mayer KU

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