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All abstracts by Bhoopesh Mishra in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Microbe-Metal Interactions: Novel High Energy-Resolution XANES Spectroscopy of Zn and Hg Complexes and Nanoparticles at Bacteria-Water Interfaces
Myneni S, Thomas S & Mishra B

(2019) Role of Extracellular Polymeric Substance Sulfhydryl Sites in Bacterial Detoxification of Cadmium
Yu Q, Mishra B & Fein J

(2018) Adsorption of Methylmercury onto Geobacter Bemidijensis Bem
Wang Y, Yu Q, Mishra B, Schaefer J, Fein J & Yee N

(2018) Hg Coordination in Actively Hg-Methylating Bacteria
Thomas S, Mishra B & Myneni S

(2018) Abiotic Transformations of Metals by Engineered Biochar(s)
Higgins L, Brocza F, Ross A, Brown A & Mishra B

(2017) U(IV)-mineral Complexation may Explain U Speciation in Reduced Sediments
Boyanov M, Latta D, Scherer M, Mishra B, Pearce C, Rosso K, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2017) Stabilization of a Mixed-Valence U(V)-U(VI) Phase in Systems with Reduced SWy-2 and NAu-1 Clays
Boyanov M, Latta D, Mishra B, Scherer M, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2016) U(VI) Reduction by Biotic and Abiotic Green Rusts
Yan S, Boyanov M, Mishra B, Kemner K & O'Loughlin E

(2015) Biogeochemical Controls on the Molecular Scale Interactions of Mercury with Microbes
Mishra B, O'Loughlin E, Boyanov M & Kemner K

(2015) Reduction and Reoxidation of Uranium: Mechanisms, Species, and Implications for Dispersal
Boyanov M, Latta D, Mishra B, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2014) Non-Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering to Analyze Carbon Chemistry in Unaltered Samples
Mishra B, O'Loughlin E, Cooper W, Jastrow J, Gordon R, Balasubramanian M & Kemner K

(2014) Reduction of Hg(II) by Mn(II)
Mishra B, O'Loughlin E, Boyanov M & Kemner K

(2014) Hg2+ Reactions at Bacteria-Water Interfaces: Implications for Hg Speciation in the Environment
Myneni S, Mishra B, Fein J & Shoenfelt E

(2014) Uranium(IV) Surface Complexes Form by U(VI) Reduction at the Mineral-Water Interface
Latta D, Mishra B, Cook R, Kemner K & Boyanov M

(2011) Uranium Dynamics in Biostimulated Field-Site Sediments: Spatial Distribution and Formation of Non-Uraninite U(IV) Phases
Boyanov M, O'Loughlin E, Skinner K, Mishra B, Kelly S, Wu W-M, Criddle C, Mueller M, Melhorn T, Watson D, Brooks S & Kemner K

(2010) Effects of Structural Phosphate on the Microbial Reduction of Iron Oxide and Secondary Mineralization Product Formation and Reactivity
O'Loughlin E, Boyanov M, Cook R, Gorski C, Mishra B, Scherer M & Kemner K

(2010) Mineral Nucleation and Redox Transformations of U(VI) and Fe(II) Species at a Carboxyl Surface
Boyanov M, O'Loughlin E, Kwon M-J, Mishra B, Rui X, Shibata T & Kemner K

(2010) Molecular Scale Transformations of Hg(II) during Coupled Biotic and Abiotic Processes
Mishra B, Boyanov M, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2010) Hg(II) Adsorption and Speciation on Bacterial Surfaces
Mishra B, Fein J, Yee N, Beveridge T & Myneni S

(2009) Structure and Chemistry of Fe and Al Aquatic Colloids and their Influence on P Cycling in a Tropical Reservoir
Martinez G, Myneni S, Mishra B & Finkelstein G

(2009) Chemistry of Bacterial Interfaces: Functional Group Composition and Implications for Metal and Mineral Surface Complexation
Myneni S & Mishra B

(2008) Molybdenum Speciation and Bioavailability in Soils
Wichard T, Mishra B, Kraepiel A & Myneni S

(2008) Structure and Coordination of Aluminum in Aqueous Solution and on Mineral Surfaces
Mishra B, Hay M & Myneni S

(2005) Pb Speciation in the Presence of Siderophores and Clay Surfaces – XAFS Study
Bunker B, Mishra B, Haack E & Maurice P

(2005) Effects of Siderophores on Pb Adsorption to Kaolinite
Maurice P, Mishra B, Haack E & Bunker B

(2005) Cd Adsorption onto Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Cell Walls: Integrating Isotherm and EXAFS Studies
Mishra B, Kelly S, Fein J, Boyanov M, Kemner K & Bunker B

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