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All abstracts by Natalia Migdisova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Geochemical Signatures of Alkaline Magmatism of E. ANTARCTICA Related to KERGUELEN-Plume Activity
Sushchevskaya NNM, Belyatsky B, Migdisova N, Sobolev A & Batanova V

(2017) Noble Gases in Basalt Glasses from Bouvet Triple Junction
Buikin A, Migdisova N, Hopp J, Korochantseva E & Trieloff M

(2014) Peculiarities of Trace Element Geochemistry of the Gaussberg Leucitites (West Antarctica)
Migdisova N, Sobolev A, Portnyagin M & Sushchevskaya N

(2013) Gaussberg Leicitites – New Data on Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Kuzmin D

(2011) Isotope-Geochemical Features of Enriched Mantle Source of Rift Tholeiites from Bouvet Triple Junction (South Atlantic)
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N & Belyatsky B

(2007) The Source and the Character of Enrichment of Tholeiitic Magmas Developed on the Spreading Ridges Near the Bouvet Triple Junction
Migdisova NA, Sushchevskaya NM & Belyatsky B

(2004) Variations in the Composition of Clinopyroxene from the Basalts of Various Geodynamic Settings of the Antarctic Region
Migdisova N & Sushchevskaja N

(2003) Major and Incompatible Trace Elements in Clinopyroxenes from Different Magmas
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N, Luttinen A & Mikhalsky E

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