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All abstracts by Jack J. Middelburg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Marine Animal-Sediment Interactions Under Climate Change – Biogeochemical Consequences in the 21st Century
Bianchi TS, Aller RC, Atwood T, Brown C, Batois L, Levin LA, Levinton JS, Middelburg JJ, Morrison ES, Regnier P, Shields MR, Snelgrove PVR, Sotka EE & Stanley RRE

(2020) Closing the Modern Ocean Alkalinity Budget by Riverine Particulate Inorganic Carbon
Müller G, Middelburg J & Sluijs A

(2018) A North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction for the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum
van der Ploeg R, Cramwinckel MJ, Kocken IJ, van der Meer AE, Müller IA, Ziegler M, Leutert TJ, Meckler AN, Sexton PF, Bohaty SM, Wilson PA, Peterse F, Schouten S, Reichart G-J, Middelburg JJ & Sluijs A

(2017) Na/Ca Ratio of Coccoliths as a Potential Paleo Proxy
Roepert A, Polerecky L & Middelburg JJ

(2017) Diatom Chemistry as a Potential Paleoproxy
Akse S, Polerecky L & Middelburg J

(2017) The Faithfulness of Foraminiferal Calcite as a Seawater Chromium Recorder
Parkinson I, Remmelzwaal S, Sadekov A, Titelboim D, Roepert A, Schmidt D, Abramovich S, Polerecky L & Middelburg J

(2017) Towards Quantification of the Global Riverine Carbon Balance
van Hoek WJ, Bouwman L, Beusen A, Langeveld J & Middelburg J

(2017) Estimating Carbon Dynamics in Global Aquifer Systems Using a Mechanistic Model
Langeveld J, Bouwman L, Beusen A, van Hoek WJ & Middelburg J

(2017) Towards Quantitative Reconstructions of Element Cycles for Weathering and Carbon Cycle Tracers Across the Cenozoic
van der Ploeg R, Soetaert K, Bohaty S, Middelburg J & Sluijs A

(2016) A Global Look at Contemporary Hypoxia in Shelf Systems
Mogollón JM, Beusen A, Middelburg JJ & Bouwman AF

(2016) Organic Matter Processing and Burial in Times of Hypoxia
Middelburg J

(2010) Carbon Fluxes in Natural Plankton Communities Under Elevated CO2 Levels: A Stable Isotope Labeling Study
de Kluijver A, Soetaert K, Schulz KG, Riebesell U, Bellerby RGJ & Middelburg JJ

(2010) Sediment Biogeochemistry in Low-Oxygen Settings
Middelburg JJ & Moodley L

(2006) Carbon fluxes within a natural plankton community at elevated atmospheric CO2
Schulz K, Zöllner E, Bellerby R, Middelburg J & Riebesell U

(2004) The Role of Sediments in Shelf Ecosystem Dynamics
Middelburg J & Soetaert K

(2000) Coupled Food-Web and Bacterial-Loop Modelling of a Lagrangian Experiment off the Iberian Margin
Soetaert K, Herman P, Middelburg J & Lamy F

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