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All abstracts by Kenji Mibe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Determination of the Noble Gas Partition Coefficients between Metal-Silicate Melts Under High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions
Tanaka T, Sumino H, Kishi S, Kuwahara H, Nomura R, Mibe K & Kagi H

(2015) Elastic Wave Velocity of Antigorite up to 5 GPa and 500ºC
Mibe K & Kono Y

(2013) Convergence in Chemical Compositions between Aqueous Fluid and Silicate Melt in the Peridotite-H2O System
Mibe K, Kawamoto T & Ono S

(2013) Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Aqueous Fluids and High-Mg Andesite Melt Under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Conditions
Kawamoto T, Mibe K, Kuroiwa K-I & Kogiso T

(2011) Electrical Conductivity of the Serpentinised Mantle and Fluid Flow in Subduction Zones
Reynard B, Mibe K & Van de Moortèle B

(2009) Supercritical Fluids from Downgoing Slab beneath Volcanic Arcs: Critical Endpoints in Sediment – H2O and High Mg Andesite – H2O Systems
Kawamoto T, Kanzaki M, Mibe K, Matsukage K & Ono S

(2008) Compressibility of Synthetic Glaucophane
Jenkins DM, Corona JC, Bassett WA, Mibe K & Wang Z

(2008) In situ Raman Spectroscopic Investigation of the Structure and Speciation of Aqueous Zinc Bromide Solutions to 500 ºC and 0.9 GPa
Mibe K, Chou I-M, Anderson A, Mayanovic R & Bassett W

(2004) Effect of P-T and Composition on Dihedral Angles in Fluid-Bearing Mantle Minerals and Fluid Migration in the Earth’s Interior
Mibe K, Adzima C & Mysen B

(2003) Direct Observation of Immiscible Fluids Using X-Ray Radiography
Mibe K, Kanzaki M, Kawamoto T, Matsukage K, Fei Y & Ono S

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