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All abstracts by Filip Meysman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Pore Water Conditions Drive Calcium Carbonate Dissolution in Reef Sands
Kessler A, Rogers A, Cyronak T, Bourke M, Hasler-Sheetal H, Glud R, Greening C, Meysman F, Eyre B & Cook P

(2016) Cable Bacteria Impact Sediment Iron and Manganese Dynamics in a Seasonally-Hypoxic Marine Lake
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Behrends T, Banerjee D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2016) Cable Bacteria Protect Seasonal Hypoxic Basins from Euxinic Conditions
Burdorf L, Hidalgo-Martinez S, van de Velde S & Meysman F

(2016) Long-Distance Electron Transport Drives Biogeochemical Cycling of Fe, Mn and Ca in the Coastal Seafloor
van de Velde S, Lesven L, Burdorf L, Hidalgo Martinez S, Geelhoed J, Gao Y & Meysman F

(2015) A New View of Iron Cycling in Intertidal Mudflats: Two-Dimensional Mapping of Iron and Phosphorus Release at Submillimeter Scale
Thibault de Chanvalon A, Metzger E, Mouret A, Cesbron F, Knoery J, Launeau P, Geslin E, Van de Velde S & Meysman FJR

(2015) Long-Distance Electron Transport by Cable Bacteria in Marine Sediment: Insights from a Combined Geochemical and Metagenomic Analysis
Geelhoed J, Van de Velde S, Hidalgo-Martinez S & Meysman F

(2015) Microbial Electricity over Long Distances in the Seafloor: How Does it Work?
Meysman F

(2014) Do ‘Cable Bacteria’ Enhance Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium in a Periodically Anoxic Estuary?
Cook P, Roberts K, Kessler A, Meysman F, Burdorf L, Thamdrup B & Robertson E

(2014) The Influence of Long Distance Electron Transport on Carbonate Dynamics in Sediments and Benthic-Pelagic Coupling
Rao A, Malkin S & Meysman F

(2014) A New Way of Life Detected in Coastal Sediments: Microbial Sulphur Oxidation via Long-Range Electron Transport
Meysman F, Seitaj D, Malkin S, Vasquez D & Boschker E

(2014) Cutting the Wire: Bioturbation Impedes Electrogenic Sulphur Oxidation
Malkin S, Rao A & Meysman F

(2013) Competition for Sulfide in Marine Sediments: Electrogenic Filamentous Bacteria Versus Beggiatoa
Seitaj D, Malkin SY, Schauer R & Meysman FJR

(2013) Sediment Phosphorus Dynamics in a Marine Coastal Lake: Response to Seasonal Bottom Water Anoxia
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2012) Benthic O2 Fluxes Measured by Eddy Covariance in a Large Flume Facility
Polsenaere P, Cathalot C, Cox T, Meysman F, Maire O & Deflandre B

(2012) Deep Water Coral Reefs as Important Sites of Benthic Mineralization?
Cathalot C, Polsenaere P, Cox T, Van Oevelen D, Lavaleye M, Duineveld G, Kutti T & Meysman F

(2012) The Tracer-Dependence of Biodiffusion Coefficients
Lecroart P, Maire O, Schmidt S, Gremare A, Anschutz P & Meysman F

(2011) The Influence of Physically-Induced Porewater Advection, Benthic Photosynthesis and Respiration on CaCO3 Dynamics in Reef Sands
Rao A, Polerecky L, Ionescu D, Meysman F & De Beer D

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