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All abstracts by Volker Metz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Anaerobic Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Compacted Bentonite Exposed to Natural Opalinus Clay Porewater: Bentonite Alteration Study
Morelová N, Schild D, Heberling F, Finck N, Dardenne K, Metz V & Geckeis H

(2021) Barite Recrystallization to Witherite in the Presence of Carbonate, and the Impact on Radium Retention
Alzaydan M, Roth T, Heberling F, Polly R, Schild D & Metz V

(2021) Long Term Bentonite Erosion Experiments in an Artificial Fracture: Radionuclides Mobility and Diffusion in FEBEX Bentonite
Kouhail YZ, Rinderknecht F, Quinto F, Metz V, Schäfer T & Geckeis H

(2011) Thermodynamics of Long-Term Metastable Magnesium (Chloro) Hydroxo Carbonates at 25℃
Bube C, Altmaier M, Metz V, Schild D, Kienzler B & Neck V

(2011) Am(III) Retention by Cement Corrosion Products Under Highly Saline Conditions
Metz V, Bube C, Bohnert E, Schlieker M & Kienzler B

(2011) The Co-precipitation of Ra in a Large Scale Evaporitic System
Rosenberg YO, Metz V & Ganor J

(2004) The Effect of a Mg-Oxychloride- Brucite Backfill Material on the Pu Behavior in MgCl2-NaCl-Brines
Metz V, Vejmelka P, Kienzler B, Marquardt C, Seibert A & Fanghänel T

(2002) Dependence of Smectite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Metz V, Cama J & Ganor J

(2002) Geochemically Based Source Term Assessment for the Asse Salt Mine – Modelling and Experimental Results
Schuessler W, Metz V, Kienzler B & Vejmelka P

(2002) Coherency of Surface Protonation Data – Implication from Modelling of Dissolution Experiments
Ganor J, Cama J & Metz V

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