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All abstracts by Nicole Metrich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Faster = Stronger? Decompression Rates vs Eruption Parameters at Stromboli Volcano
Georgeais G, Rose-Koga EF, Moussallam Y, Koga KT, Gurioli L, Pistolesi M, Harris A, verdier-Paoletti M, Metrich N & Bertagnini A

(2018) Nepheline-Normative Primitive Melt Genesis in Arcs: Mineralogic and Lithospheric Controls
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Métrich N, Di Muro A & Deloule E

(2017) Rheological Changes in Yasur (Vanuatu) Lavas: Micro- vs Macro-Crystallization and the Rest
Lejeune A-M, Neuville D, d’Augustin de Bourguisson T & Metrich N

(2017) The Effect of Na/K Ratio on the Viscosity of Iron-Silicates: Application to the Yasur (Vanuatu) Volcano
D’AUGUSTIN De Bourguisson T, Lejeune A-M, Métrich N & Neuville D

(2016) Chlorine Isotope Determination by SIMS: Standard Development and Application to Melt Inclusions from Subduction Zone Settings
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Baumgartner LP, Rose-Koga EF, Ulmer P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Sharp Z, Williams J, Layne GD, Straub S & Métrich N

(2016) Unprecedented Sulfur and Halogen Emissions during the 1257 AD Samalas Eruption (Rinjani Volcanic Complex, Indonesia)
Vidal CM, Métrich N, Komorowski J-C, Pratomo I, Kartadinata N, Michel A & Lavigne F

(2014) Oxidation State of Iron in Glass Inclusions: A Microspectrophotometric Contribution
Chassé M, Galoisy L, Métrich N, Calas G & Lelong G

(2013) Pathways of Redox State and Sulfur Release Track the Shift from Low-Energy to Highly-Explosive Basaltic Eruptions at Mt. Etna
Moretti R, Metrich N, Patrick A, Alessandro A, Ilenia A & Valeria DR

(2013) Characteristics of Olivine and Diopside Crystals in Magma Erupted at Stromboli during the 2003, 2007 and 2009 Paroxysms: Implications for Magma Ascent Dynamics
D'Oriano C, Pistolesi M, Bertagnini A, Cioni R, Pompilio M & Métrich N

(2013) Insights into the Magmatic Processes Leading to the Holocene Caldera Eruption of Rinjani, Indonesia
Vidal CM, Metrich N, Komorowski J-C, Pratomo I, Lavigne F & Surono 

(2011) Evolution of the δD Value in Water-Rich Basaltic Melt Inclusions during Volcanic Processes
Metrich N, Deloule E & Di Muro A

(2011) Progress in Understanding of Sulfur in Subduction Zone Magmas
Mandeville C, Shimizu N, Kelley K, Metrich N & Fiege A

(2011) Origin of Nepheline-Normative Primitive Magmas in Island Arcs
Sorbadere F, Schiano P & Métrich N

(2010) Sulfur Isotope Variation in Arc Basalts Revealed By Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Melt Inclusions
Mandeville C, Shimizu N, Kelley K & Metrich N

(2007) Geochemistry of Primary Magmas of St Vincent (Lesser Antilles Arc) Tracked by Melt Inclusions
Bouvier A-S, Metrich N & Deloule E

(2007) Trace Element and Volatile Signature of Etna Magma Source(s): A Melt Inclusion Approach
Metrich N, Kamenetsky V, Allard P & Pompilio M

(2007) New Spectroscopy Developments to Study Water in Basaltic Melts
Mercier M, Di muro A, Metrich N, Montagnac G, Giordano D, Lesne P & Clochiatti R

(2006) Recent Stromboli (Italy): insights into magma sources and processes from melt inclusions.
Vannucci F, Kobayashi K, Nakamura E, Tiepolo M, Schiavi R, Bertagnini A & Métrich N

(2005) Effects of Sulfur Degassing and Sulfide Separation in Some Products of Mt. Etna Volcano (Sicily, Italy)
Moretti R, Gambardella B, Marini L & Métrich N

(2005) A XANES Study of Sulfur Speciation in Synthetic Glasses and Melt Inclusions
Metrich N, Berry A, O'Neill H & Susini J

(2002) Primary Melts Reveal Small-Scale Heterogeneity in Convecting Mantle
Sobolev A, Hofmann AW, Shimizu N, Chaussidon M, Metrich N & Nikogosian IK

(2002) Presence of (SIV) in Basaltic Magmas: Implications for Volcanic Sulphure Emissions
Métrich N

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