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All abstracts by Judith A. McKenzie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Surficial Dolomite Lithification of Mg-Carbonate Muds in Hypersaline Coastal Lagoons during Periods of Increased Oceanic Upwelling: An Example of Very Early Carbonate Diagenesis
Mckenzie JA, Nascimento GS, Bahniuk A & Vasconcelos C

(2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Gypsum Hydration Water from the Evaporites of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Hodell D, Evans N, Gázquez F, Bauska T, Chapman H & McKenzie J

(2017) Using Culture Experiments to Investigate Carbonate/Clay-Mineral Associations in Natural Environments and the Geological Record
Vasconcelos C, Bontognali T, McKenzie J, Nascimento GS, Sanches-Roman M & Martinez-Ruiz F

(2017) Implications of Elevated Sr Values in Mirobial Mediated Dolomites
Sánchez-Román M, Blok C, McKenzie J, Davies G, Vroon P, Gibert L & Crisogono V

(2017) Upwelling Influence on Biogeochemical Processes in Coastal Lagoons, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nascimento GS, Eglinton TI, Belem AL, Albuquerque ALS, McKenzie JA & Vasconcelos C

(2017) Dolomite Formation within Microbial Mats in the Coastal Khor Al-Adaid Sabkha of Qatar
DiLoretto Z, Al-Kuwari H, Al-Disi Z, McKenzie J, Vasconcelos C, Palermo C, Williford K, Sadooni F, Tuite M, Bontognali T & Dittrich M

(2017) A Geobiological Model for the Formation of Dolomite in Sabkha-Environments
Bontognali T, Al-Saad Al-Kuwari H, McKenzie J, Al-Disi Z, Williford K, Vasconcelos C, Petrash D, Sadooni F, Tuite M & Dittrich M

(2013) Dolomite Formation within Microbial Mats from the Dohat Faishakh Sabkha, Qatar
Brauchli M, Bontognali T, McKenzie J, Strohmenger C, Jameson J, Sadooni F & Vasconcelos C

(2012) Mg-Dolomite Nucleation in Biofilm of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria at Modern Seawater Salinity
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Gorb S, Sanchez-Roman M, McKenzie JA & Treude T

(2009) Nanoscale Characterization of Organic Matter in Modern Stromatolites
Dittrich M, Vasconcelos C & McKenzie J

(2009) Modern Stromatolites from Lagoa Salgada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Role of Methanogenic Bacteria in Carbonate Precipitation
Lundberg R, Bontognali T, McKenzie J & Vasconcelos C

(2007) Experimentally Determined Biomediated Sr2+ Partitition Coefficient for Dolomite
Sanchez-Roman M, Vasconcelos C, de Luca Rebello Wagener A, Plötze M & McKenzie JA

(2007) Dolomite Nucleation on Extracellular Polymeric Substances
Bontognali T, Vasconcelos C, Warthmann R & McKenzie JA

(2006) Anaerobic sulfur bacteria inducing lithification in modern- and possibly Precambrian stromatolites
Warthmann R, Vasconcelos C & McKenzie JA

(2006) Formation of lamination in modern stromatolites from Lagoa Vermelha, Brazil: An example for Precambrian relics?
Vasconcelos C, Visscher PT, Warthmann R & McKenzie JA

(2005) Magnesium Isotopes in Bacterial Dolomites: A Novel Approach to the Dolomite Problem
Carder E, Galy A, McKenzie J, Vasconcelos C & Elderfield H

(2003) Presidential Address: The Microbial Factor in the Geochemical Equation
McKenzie J

(2003) Bridging Geochemistry and Microbiology Through Ocean Drilling
McKenzie J

(2002) Hydrogeochemistry of a Modern Dolomite-Forming Lagoon System (Cabo Frio-Rj, Brazil): Role of Sulfide Oxidation
Moreira NF, Walter LM, McCall PJ, Vasconcelos C & McKenzie JA

(2002) Molecular Approach to Study Microbial Communities Involved in Modern Dolomite Formation
Mauclaire L, Meister P, Zepp K, Vasconcelos C & McKenzie JA

(2002) Dolomite Formation on the Peru Margin: Evidence for Microbial Activity in the Deep Biosphere
Meister P, McKenzie JA, Vasconcelos C & Ocean Drilling Program L2SSP

(2002) Tropical Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Change in the Cariaco Basin at the Last Glacial Maximum
Paul HA, Swart PK, Bernasconi SM, Peterson LC & McKenzie JA

(2000) Role of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria during Microbial Dolomite Precipitation as Deduced from Culture Experiments
van Lith Y, Vasconcelos C, Warthmann R & McKenzie J

(2000) Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Mediterranean Deepwater Since the Last Glacial Maximum: Constraints from Pore Water Analyses
Paul HA, Bernasconi SM & McKenzie JA

(2000) Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Tracing of Biogeochemical Processes in Eutrophic Lake Lugano, Switzerland
Lehmann M, Bernasconi SM, Barbieri A & McKenzie JA

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