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All abstracts by Peter McGoldrick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Trace Metals and Isotopes in Estonian Black Shales: Cambro-Ordovician Shallow Water Anoxia on the Baltica Shelf?
Johnson S, McGoldrick P, Systra Y, Meffre S, Large R, Raub T, Boyce A & Lyons T

(2012) Life at the Fringe: Redox Conditions Around a 1.6 Ga Submarine Vent
McGoldrick P, Guilliamse J, Dawborn T & Satterthwait D

(2011) Iron and Other Metals in the Proterozoic Oceans
Planavsky N, Scott C, McGoldrick P, Li C, Reinhard C, Love G, Bekker A & Lyons T

(2009) The Bluebush Zinc Prospect, NW Queensland: Multiple Base Metal Mineralising Events and a Record of Fluctuating Redox Conditions in Late Palaeoproterozoic Seas
Maier R & McGoldrick P

(2007) Microbes, Sedex Deposits and Siderophile Seawater at ~1.65 Ga in Northern Australia
McGoldrick P, Lyons T & Emsbo P

(2006) Pyrite trace element halos to northern Australian sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits
Mcgoldrick P & Maier R

(2003) LA-ICPMS of Sulphides: Evaluation of an XRF Glass Disc Standard for Analysis of Different Sulphide Matrixes
Danyushevsky L, Robinson P, McGoldrick P, Large R & Gilbert S

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