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All abstracts by Jill McDermott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Microbial Dynamics in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge
Molari M, Wegener G, McDermott J, Bach W & Boetius A

(2017) Geochemistry, Physics, and Dispersion of a Gakkel Ridge Hydrothermal Plume, 87°N, 55°30’E
McDermott J, Albers E, Bach W, Diehl A, German C, Hand K, Koehler J, Seewald J, Walter M, Wegener G & Wischnewski L

(2017) Geological Settings of Hydrothermal Vents at 6°15’W and 55°30’E on the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Marcon Y, Purser A, Diehl A, Albers E, Türke A, McDermott J, German C, Hand K, Schlindwein V, Dorschel B, Wegener G, Boetius A & Bach W

(2009) Thermobarometric Implications of Temporal and Spatial Variability in Hydrothermal Fluid SiO2-Cl Abundances Through a Full Eruptive Cycle at 9°50’N East Pacific Rise
Von Damm K, Meana Prado F, McDermott J, Lilley M & Bryce J

(2009) Sr Isotopic Evidence for Dissolution of Anhydrite in Hydrothermal Fluids at 9°50’N East Pacific Rise
McDermott J, Von Damm K, Kalnejais L & Bryce J

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