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All abstracts by Bernhard Mayer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches for Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites: Applicability for Shale Gas Development
Humez P, Mayer B, Negrel P, Lions J, Lagneau V, Kloppmann W, Inj J & Nightingale M

(2014) Assessing Potential Impacts from Unconventionial Gas Development on Groundwater Resources in Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Ing J, Nightingale M & Humez P

(2014) Assessment of Groundwater Contamination in Abandoned Mine Areas, South Korea, Using Hydrochemical and Sulfur Isotope Data
Cho Y-R, Yun S-T, Kim D-M, Mayer B & Hong J

(2013) Carbon Isotope Fractionation of Injected CO2 in Carbonate Reservoirs: Comparison of Results from the Laboratory and Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Sites in Alberta, Canada
Nightingale M, Mayer B, Shevalier M, Dalkhaa C & Becker V

(2013) N and S Isotope Fractionation in the Terminal Electron Acceptors during Biodegradation of BTEX Compounds
Jackson C, Mayer B & Stehmeier L

(2013) Tracing the Movement and Fate of Injected CO2 in a Mature Oil Field Using Geochemical, Isotopic and Modeling Approaches
Mayer B, Johnson G, Dalkhaa C, Shevalier M, Nightingale M & Hutcheon I

(2013) Identifying the Sources of Iron in Reservoir Fluids at a CO2 Injection Pilot in Alberta, Canada
McKiernan B, Wieser M, Nightingale M & Mayer B

(2013) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Study of CO2 Rich Groundwater in the Gyeongsang Sedimentary Basin, South Korea
Do H-K, Yun S-T, Kim K-H & Mayer B

(2013) Delineation of Groundwater Zones Using Weighted Overlay Analysis of Hydrochemical and Multiple Isotopic Data, Ulaanbaatar, Mongoila
Batsaikhan B, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B & Kim S-T

(2013) Is Oxygen-17 of Atmospheric Nitrate a Tracer of Industrial Pollution?
Proemse B, Mayer B, Fenn M & Ross C

(2012) Sources and Seasonal Transformations of Nitrate in Lake Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada)
Mayer B & Wassenaar L

(2012) Tracing Industrial Emissions in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region (Alberta, Canada) Using Stable Isotope Techniques
Proemse B, Mayer B & Wieser M

(2012) Influence of Salinity on Methanogenesis in the Alberta Oil Sands Region
Cowie B, Gieg L & Mayer B

(2012) Systematics of Biodegradation of Sulfur Compounds in Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Marcano N, Oldenburg T, Mayer B & Larter S

(2012) Pb and Hf Isotope Composition of Hornblende-Bearing Lavas (Central European Volcanic Province): A Lithospheric Mantle Source?
Mayer B, Jung S, Romer RL & Munker C

(2012) Hydrochemistry of Shallow Groundwater in Areas Affected by Livestock Burial
Oh J-S, Yun S-T, Lee J-H, Kim K-H, Choi K-J, Kim D-H, Kim T-S, Han J-S & Mayer B

(2012) Hydrochemical and Multiple Isotopic Approach to Delineate the Contamination of Urban Groundwater in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Bayartungalag B, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B, Kim S-T, Nemer B, Lee Y-J & Jang E-S

(2012) Distribution of Vanadium in a Basaltic Aquifer of Jeju Island, Korea: Effects of Geochemical Reactions and Hydrological Mixing
Jung H-W, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim K-H, Go Y-H, Oh S-S & Kang K-G

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Exchange between H2O and Super Critical CO2: Lab Experiments and Field Evidence
Johnson G, Mayer B, Nightingale M & Shevalier M

(2011) Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Hornblende-Bearing Basalts from the Rhön Area (Germany)
Mayer B, Jung S & Stracke A

(2011) Land Use Control of Groundwater Chemistry in the Pyosun Watershed, Jeju Island, Korea
Go Y-H, Yun S-T, Kang K-G, Mayer B, Kim K-H & Hyun H-N

(2011) Tracing Anthropogenic Nitrogen in the Vicinity of Industrial Emitters in the Athabasca Oilsands Region, Alberta, Canada
Proemse B, Mayer B & Fenn M

(2010) Sulfur Cycling in a High-Sulfide Tailings Impoundment
Moncur M, Ptacek CJ, Mayer B, Blowes DW, Birks SJ & Gibson JJ

(2010) Accounting of Injected CO2 during Geologic Storage Using Chemical and Isotopic Approaches
Johnson G, Mayer B, Nightingale M & Shevalier M

(2010) The Hydrochemical, Isotopic, and Multivariate Statistical Assessment of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Rural Areas of Korea
Choi B-W, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B, Choi B-Y, Lee B-Y, Kim H-M & Ko Y-H

(2010) Identification of Natural Versus Anthropogenic Contributions to Groundwater Geochemistry Using an Integrated Hydrochemical, Statistical, and Mass Balance Modeling Approach
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim H-M & Choi B-Y

(2010) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Shallow Groundwater in Areas Affected by the Norovirus
Lee J-H, Yun S-T, Kim S-O, Jeong YS, Mayer B, Kim K-H, Jheong W-H & Kim TS

(2009) Combining Hydrometric, Chemical and Isotopic Approaches to Assess Nitrate Loading of Rivers in Southern Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Rock L, Chao J, Hogue K & Katvala S

(2009) Influence of Sulfide Mineralogy on Oxygen and Sulfur Isotope Ratios of Sulfate Generated via Oxidation
Celik Balci N, Mayer B, Shanks WC & Mandernack K

(2009) Hyporheic Exchange and Associated Nitrogen Transformation at Groundwater-Surface Water Interface in an Alluvial Aquifer Underneath Agricultural Field
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Choi B-Y & Mayer B

(2008) Groundwater Recharge and Redox Zoning in an Alluvial Aquifer, Cheonan, Korea
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim K & Joo C

(2008) Comparison of Isotopic Trends Revealing the Fate of Injected CO2 in Two Geological Storage Projects in Mature Oilfields in Canada
Mayer B, Raistrick M, Johnson G, Nightingale M, Shevalier M, Taylor S, Hutcheon I & Perkins E

(2007) Identifying Sources of Riverine Sulfate by Combining Hydrological, Chemical and Isotopic Approaches
Mayer B

(2005) The Relationships between Groundwater Discharge and the Lower Jordan River
Farber E, Vengosh A, Gavrieli I, Marei A, Bullen T, Mayer B, Holtzman R, Segal M & Shavit U

(2004) Redox Reactions of Dissolved Organic Matter Contribute to Anaerobic Sulphur Cycling in Peatland Soils
Blodau C, Ranz M, Mayer B & Moore T

(2003) Identification of Sources of Nitrate in the Coastal Aquifer of Israel: New Insights from Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotope Measurements
Roded D, Vengosh A & Mayer B

(2002) Sources and Processes of Nitrogen along the Lower Jordan River
Segal-Rozenhaimer M, Shaviv A, Vengosh A, Gavrieli I, Mayer B & Shavit U

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